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Sponge Bath, Flare Pants

The sun sets. Burton and Lill have a little chat, because she's feeling a little anxious, and because you just can't get enough of Lill in night vision, looking like she was there when dirt was invented. Lill asks Burton whether he's still thinking of them as the final two, and he freezes. He won't answer her, which in a sense is its own answer. "Okay, you're telling me now that you've had second thoughts," she says. Burton denies it. He tells her that he just doesn't want to think too far ahead. Liar. Lill interviews about this conversation, and she's not fooled by it at all. She accuses Burton again, by the fire, of having second thoughts. "I'm not having thoughts," he protests. Hee hee. That's all right, sweetheart -- you're purty. "I am not going to screw you over," Lill insists. Burton doesn't know what to say to this. He insists in an interview that he's never promised Lill a place in the top two -- only to take her as far as he could, and never to lie to her. Of course, he just did lie to her, considering that he has a plan with Jon for the final two, and he just denied that he was having second thoughts about taking her to the final two. I'm not sure if he's got some way of cutting this all so fine that he's not lying in his own mind, but he's certainly lying in mine. Mind you, I'm not against lying, just self-righteousness. I'm also now trying to think of a good "he can lie in mine any time he wants" joke, but again, it feels a little too easy. I think we would all feel cheap if I went through with it, so let's just move along.

"I have a feeling I better make immunity, then," Lill says by the fire. In an interview, she seems convinced that she's toast, saying that the only thing she can do to save herself is win immunity. "Then that may even justify me to turn my back on him," she says. Ah, now she's catching on. At long last.

The next day brings the immunity challenge. The scragglers scraggle up to an impromptu shooting range. Today's challenge involves shooting a rifle at a series of targets. Once he's retrieved the Supreme Cutlass from Darrah, Jeff explains that they'll be shooting modified muskets that now shoot flares. Heh. They're basically shooting at flag targets. Each person has three particular targets to hit. The first person to hit all their targets wins.

Christa is the first to shoot. She holds the gun so incompetently that it is clear not only that she has never shot a gun, but also that she apparently has never seen Yosemite Sam in a cartoon. Jeff corrects her grip so that she can at least get the trigger pulled. She does, however, hit the target on her first try. Lill misses. Sandra misses. Jon misses. Darrah hits. Burton hits. Sandra misses. Christa hits. Lill misses. Burton misses. Jon misses. Darrah hits. Christa misses. Lill hits. Sandra hits. Darrah hits her final target, and because Burton and Jon have both already missed, that's good enough for her to win immunity. She gets the Supreme Cutlass again, and Jeff sends them back to camp. Hmm, interesting.

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