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Sponge Bath, Flare Pants

In an interview, still in his massage robe, Jon comments that this has been an opportunity to enjoy the "paradise" part of the Pearl Islands without worrying about the suckier parts of the Pearl Islands. Lill moans way too much during her massage. Can't...stop...thinking... about...cucumber. "Ah feel sorry for Burton today," Darrah comments.

Back at Balboa, Burton is preparing a fish for dinner. The women quiz him about his plans with Jon, and Burton insists that he hasn't even talked to Jon recently about the current plan. Basically, Burton really doesn't want to commit right now, between going with Sandra and Christa and going with Darrah and Lill. Sandra presses, but he tells her that he hasn't talked to Jon and can't say for sure what he plans to do. Christa reports that Jon already agreed to a final four of her and Sandra and Burton and Jon. Of course, this is a difficult position for Burton, because he has had an alliance with Lill. He interviews that he doesn't want to lie to Christa and Sandra any more than necessary, lest he piss them off right before they go to the jury. At camp, he chooses a probably poor route of confronting Sandra about the fact that she and Christa didn't go with Jon last week to save him; they did it to save Christa, who was another of the possible bootees. Sandra interviews that Burton has never talked to her and Christa particularly clearly about what he intends to do. Sandra says that she "let it be known" that she and Christa saved Burton last week. Of course, they did that because they thought it would help themselves (which is totally appropriate), so it's not like it's possible to call in a favor. "You would think that that would count for something," Sandra says. Well, no, I wouldn't. You would, but I wouldn't. Furthermore, Sandra used Darrah and Tijuana to save her own ass last week, and now she's talking about booting Darrah before the final four. Where's the loyalty for that one, huh? Yeah, I thought so. She calls Burton's refusal to promise third and fourth place "a bunch of baloney." Sandra wants to send Burton home as soon as she can.

Sandra and Christa talk to Burton about all the lying, and he correctly notes that the only time you can actually tell where someone stands is when they vote. Christa interviews that this conversation was "a real eye-opener," and that it taught her that the game is every person for himself. I'm sorry, she's figuring that out now? She really is the slowest person ever. I totally believe she would ask for drugs on Usenet under her real name. We see Burton tell her that even your closest friendship isn't as big as the million bucks. Cut to Sandra. GET IT? Sandra? Friend? Million bucks? Betrayal? DO YOU GET IT? Christa says that now she realizes that she should be there to play a game. Good one. Maybe next week, she can do multiplication in her head.

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