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Fans And Favorites Are Neither

So Jeff reminds everyone that, for this vote, Yau-Man is immune because of his idol. And now: voting. Ami votes. Ozzy votes. Cirie votes. Jonathan votes, saying, "Jonny, I gotta vote for you, you've asked me to, I wish you best of luck, and..." And then Jonathan, the actor, gives you a lovely, funny, I-smell-something-foul grimace as he just leaves it there and drops in his vote. That was very funny. Parvati votes, and she looks kind of bummed. James votes. Amanda votes. Yau-Man votes: "Jonny, if you need any advice how to raise a baby to be a happy and well-adjusted child, I'll be happy to give you some advice." And Yau-Man, you'll notice, does not indulge the idiotic self-given nickname, just writing on his vote, "Jon D." He rules in so many small ways. Eliza votes. Jon votes.

Jeff goes off to tally, and when he returns, Jon gets all the votes, so...yeah. ["I love that they didn't even bother to show Jon's own vote." -- Wing Chun] There was some percentage of bullshit and some percentage of trying to get attention and some percentage of actually wanting to go home (maybe), and I just don't care about any of those things at a level of 100%, so why would I care which it was? Jeff snuffs Jon, and Jon demands a hug, which Jeff provides, because if he doesn't, then he loses the gold medal in the Big Dick Olympics that these two dudes are attempting to have.

Jeff sends everybody back to camp. As always, the first boot is the person whose value nobody can figure out.

Next week: Ozzy and Amanda. Bleeargh.

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