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Fans And Favorites Are Neither

Back from commercials, we are at Malakal again. Yau-Man is trying to start a fire using a drop of water on his glasses to magnify the sun and focus it on a dry coconut husk. "The sun is almost vertical enough that this should work," he tells us. Everyone else, meanwhile, relaxes out in the water, the warmth of which Parvati comments upon. "It's like pee water!" she says with a grin. Thus did Parvati lose her membership in the municipal pool. And then Yau-Man, being assisted by Ozzy, gets the fire lit, and Ozzy calls out for wood. Eliza, in the water, gasps with joy. Everyone cheers, and Eliza explains in an interview why this was so important -- they can eat, they can boil water to drink, and they're "ready to kick some butt." Well then.

Over at Airai, Chet and one of the ladies (sorry, I'm not sure!) are walking to treemail, talking about how they'd like to get some food, and that she'd "eat rat guts right now." Wow, desperate! They return to the group with the treemail, which seems to indicate a puzzle. "Yay, I love puzzles!" Kathy offers. Mikey B interviews that he thinks the "favorites" probably think they're going to be easy prey. He enjoys being the underdog. Well, everyone on these shows prefers to be underestimated, so it makes sense.

So now we're at the challenge, and Jeff calls everyone in. Asked to talk about the advantages they enjoy in island experience, Eliza, hilariously, is so over-the-toppily happy and excited that they have food and water and shelter that nobody believes her. I don't blame them, really. It sounds like bullshit because of her delivery, even though it's true. When Joel says he doesn't believe it at all, Jon comments, "You guys are dumber than you look." Joel says that's fine if it's true -- they can "get fat and happy" while the Airai wins the challenges.

So in this challenge, you assemble four jigsaw-puzzle wheels, and you put them on a cart. Then you push the cart through some gates, then you dig up some planks from a sand pit, then you use them to complete a bridge and push your cart over it. Then you reach a big turning wheel, and you use the pieces of your four puzzle wheels to complete it so you can rotate it and raise a wok of fire (my new cooking show!) and win the challenge. Hey, want to know what you're playing for? Immunity! Also, winners get flint.

Basically, this is a blowout. From the very beginning, Malakal is not in it. They're behind right from the assembly of the wheels. At one point, the Malakal cart, once they get it going, wipes out so abruptly that Eliza, sitting in the cart (both tribes have people sitting in the carts, so I assume you had to do that, though Jeff didn't say), pitches forward and takes a header into something. It's clear that she's really in some discomfort, but she clambers back in so that they can go. In the sand pit, it kind of looks like Malakal might be catching up, but I don't think they really are. They're the same vicinity. Airai works on the turnstile, and seriously, it's not that close. The fans raise the wok, and raise the roof in celebration. So that's one point for inexperience, eh? Jeff congratulates Airai and gives them immunity, and tells Malakal that they'll have to show up to tribal council and send somebody out.

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