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Probst then asks Matt if the tribe should vote out the person who takes responsibility for their loss or keep him around because he's "one of [their] biggest guys." Matt claims that Phillip is a huge asset at camp and it sucks to vote someone out because one little mistake, but that's how this game is played. He has no idea what's going on at all. Also, he's boring, so Probst goes back to Phillip and asks him if it's difficult to work so hard to be in this game and face being voted out so early. Phillip pretends to cry or whatever and says he will fight hard on Redemption Island, especially knowing that his "nemesis" is there. "Francesqua?" Probst asks, laughing. Phillip laughs, too, and says he's looking forward to "a little payback." He says that's the upside to being voted out tonight.

Probst has to turn back to boring Matt and ask him if he and his tribemates think about Redemption Island a lot or let it factor in when they're deciding who to vote out. Matt says they mostly wonder how many people come back from Redemption Island and when. Probst isn't about to tell them. Matt says "we don't want anybody out there by themselves ... but that's just Survivor, I suppose," still so sure that he won't be seeing Redemption Island any time soon. While Probst does his little "prepare to vote" speech, Rob nudges Phillip and then squeezes Kristina on the shoulder, which is easy enough since she just happens to be sitting in front of him.

They vote. Matt does as he was ordered, voting for Phillip. Phillip votes for Kristina or "Cristina," which is never the right way to spell that name, saying this is because she is a liar and a manipulator, just like Francesca, whose name he STILL can't seem to pronounce correctly. Kristina votes for Phillip. Rob gleefully hops up to cast his vote. We don't see who he votes for, but he says he hopes whoever it is doesn't hold it against Rob and he'll see him on the "flip side."

Probst returns with the urn. He's midway through his hidden immunity speech when Kristina interrupts him and hands him the idol. Damn. I was kind of hoping she would hold onto it again and squeak by again, but that would be pretty insane on her part. Probst says no votes for Kristina will count tonight before showing two votes for her, from Phillip and, I'm assuming, Andrea. Then we have two votes for Phillip, who seems pretty sure he's leaving tonight. But then! There's a vote for Matt, who is surprised but not worried. Until a second vote for him is revealed and he starts to realize that he's about to get blindsided. "Wow," he says, as a third vote for him is revealed. Andrea looks like she's about to throw up. Phillip grins like he planned this whole thing. We don't see Kristina's reaction, but she's probably wishing she hadn't played her idol. The final vote is a fourth for Matt, who, to his credit, is grinning and in awe the entire time. "Good work, guys," he says; "my goodness." That right there tells me that he really wasn't trying to win Andrea or the members of the other tribe over like Rob thought; he's probably a truly nice guy who just wanted to talk to a pretty girl and be a good sport, not realizing how those actions would be interpreted in the context of this game. Probst snuffs his torch and sends him to Redemption Island, where I'm sure Francesca will be so, so happy to see him and not Phillip. "Damn, guys," Matt says on his way down the stairs. I guess he's not so into Jesus that he can't curse every once in a while. Probst is very pleased to see a "vicious blindside" this early in the game from Rob's tribe and sends them away.

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