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Oh, no. That hairy redneck man is doing rooster impressions over at Camp Zapato. While most of his tribemates find his antics entertaining because they have no idea what they're missing not being on Phillip's tribe, Li'l Russell isolates himself from the group as usual and interviews about how much better and smarter he is than everyone else, especially Ralph. He says he just needs to lure one more young pretty girl into his alliance and he'll be fine. "Three worked for me before, I believe it just might work for me again," he says. How did three work for him before? Didn't he not win last time? And the time before that? And didn't his allies only take him to the end because they knew they could beat him? Does he still not realize this?

Hey, look! It turns out that Rob and Li'l Russell aren't the only things we've seen on this show before: there's that Yellow Snake that was all over the place last season! I wonder if the brown bird that opened its mouth really wide will make a triumphant return as well? Li'l Russell talks to ... uh ... Krista, I guess? Does it really matter? Young blonde women have been getting the invisible edit for several seasons now, so I'm sure she will too and there's really no need for me to learn her name. Anyway, Li'l Russell tells Krista that he's going to look for the immunity idol now because he suspects they'll get a clue to its location if and when they win the reward challenge. He interviews that he will only trust his "two girls" Krista and Stephanie, which is good because everyone else on the tribe hates him. Li'l Russell says he's going to find idols without so much as a clue because that's how he plays this game and the producers refuse to hide the idols in a place where contestants can't just randomly come across them, so why not? While Li'l Russell assumes that no one knows what he's up to, his tribemates watch him skulk around camp in his underwear and know exactly what he's doing but don't really seem too concerned about it.

And then Ralph wanders around camp collecting rocks for some reason, only to stick his hand in bunch of "dadgum ants," get bitten, and then, somehow, realize there's an idol hidden in a nearby hollow tree. I guess he saw the neon sign the producers put there for Li'l Russell. Anyway, this makes my day like you cannot imagine. Ralph has the idol and Li'l Russell doesn't!! Maybe now the producers will stop making these things so easy to find that a guy who does rooster impressions can literally stumble upon them. Ralph interviews that he just found an idol by accident, so he guesses Li'l Russell isn't that special to be able to find them all the time after all.

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