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Despite their joy over winning again, all is not well at Zapato. Li'l Russell reveals that he made sure to carry the basket back to camp because he knew the immunity idol clue would be in there somewhere and he wanted it. Sure enough, he sees it right where the producers told him it would be, grabs it, and pockets it without, he thinks, any of his stupid clueless tribemates seeing him. As it turns out, Ralph, the stupidest and most clueless of the bunch, totally sees him and knows exactly what's going on. "This is not Russell's game. This is my game," he interviews, and you know what? He's kind of right as far as I can tell, since he beat Li'l Russell to the immunity idol and totally saw him with the clue that he didn't even need anyway. He immediately tells the others what happened, and they decide to never let Li'l Russell handle their rewards again. Which is great, except that as far as everyone but Ralph knows, Li'l Russell has the only clue to the idol, so by the time they get their hands on another reward and a clue, he'll have long since found the idol.

Li'l Russell grabs his women and goes off to speak with them privately, except not really since Ralph and Dave are watching and listening to them from behind some trees. But they don't overhear anything more than Li'l Russell, Krista, and Stephanie shit-talking Sarita's slow swimming. Sarita doesn't hear them because she's off telling Mike about how Li'l Russell has the clue. Mike interviews that Li'l Russell's game experience gave him an advantage, since he knew to expect the clue in the reward basket and they didn't. Mike is being much kinder to the show than I would have been. My entire interview would have been ranting and raving over how unfair this was and how pissed off I was to be stuck on a tribe with someone who has played this game many times before. And then I wouldn't get any camera time. But since I was in a tribe with Li'l Russell, I would have already known I wouldn't get camera time no matter what I did or said. All that said, if Mike really wanted to get some valuable experience before coming on this show, maybe he should have, like, watched a few episodes of it.

Li'l Russell shows his allies the clue while Mike goes off in search of them. The clue doesn't give them much of an idea where to find the idol, but Li'l Russell tries to put a positive spin on that, saying he "knew" the clues would be like this and since they have the first one, whoever finds the second one won't be able to solve the puzzle. Why is he assuming it's a puzzle? It'll probably just be an easier clue. Li'l Russell interviews that he only has three votes, but that's okay because that's the way he's always played and he always made it to the end. "All I need is trust. Loyalty -- that's how I play this game," says the guy who drank everyone's water and burned his tribemate and ally's socks. Mike walks up, and Li'l Russell immediately starts talking to him about how poorly Sarita performed in the challenge. Mike agrees.

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