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And here comes Ralph, who might be good at stumbling upon hidden immunity idols but not so much at diplomacy, as he immediately asks Li'l Russell if there was a hidden immunity idol clue in the reward basket. "Maybe there was," Li'l Russell says, since, no matter how many times he tries to tell us he's so smart and such a quick thinker, he really does suck at talking his way out of things when confronted. Ralph says he saw Li'l Russell take the clue out of the basket and since they all won the reward, they all should have access to the clue. Now Li'l Russell says there was no clue in the basket after all. When Mike and Ralph don't go running off screaming in fear or begging for Li'l Russell's forgiveness, he goes to his old stand-by of "you're either with me, or you're against me." As Dave walks up, Ralph still refuses to back down, saying if they hadn't won the challenge, they'd be voting someone out tonight and Li'l Russell would be in a lot of trouble with no immunity idol clue whatsoever. Mike tries to calm things down, asking Li'l Russell to tell them if he has the clue or not. Li'l Russell insists that he doesn't, and Ralph says he'll take his word for it. That's not good enough for Li'l Russell, who says he doesn't like how Ralph just "came at [him]." Ralph doesn't care. Li'l Russell continues that he knows how to play this game. Ralph says he does, too, and walks away to interview that he knows Li'l Russell has the immunity idol clue and that it won't help him since Ralph has the idol. "Right on," he says. Meanwhile, Li'l Russell can't believe the audacity of Ralph to challenge him like that and claim that he can play this game as well as Li'l Russell, who clearly hasn't even entertained the thought that Ralph might be coming at him so brazenly because he has an idol to fall back on. I can't believe I have to pin my hopes on this season not sucking on a guy with a back hair sweater, but there it is.

Let's check in with Francesca on Redemption Island, shall we? She gets her luxury item in her treemail, since what else can they really put in treemail? It's a journal, so she writes in it. She interviews that she has no idea what to expect or when the next player will be arriving at camp or how long they'll be there together before they have to do battle. She hopes it's not long, and that the next person to arrive isn't Phillip.

Meanwhile, her former tribe arrive back at camp, their shoulders low in defeat. Also because they know what's coming: a speech from Phillip. "I'll be very brief," he begins, which is a lie. Rob interviews that it was bad enough that they lost, but now they have to "endure" Phillip. Phillip says his tribe "performed gallantryly" and should be proudryly of themselves. Tragicalryly, he says, he fell short and the tribe lost the challenge for them, so he'll understand if the tribe decides to vote him out because of his poor performance. He asks if anyone else would like to step up and say anything. No one does, because that's ridiculous. Rob decides to tell Phillip that he did a good job and the team lost because of the entire team, not just because of one person. He's only saying this so he can run back and interview that they lost the challenge because of Phillip, but he doesn't want to vote him out for it because his new target is Matt. Not because he shook the other team's hands, really, but because Rob saw the gesture as Matt attempting to build bridges with the other tribe that he could use later on after the merge, along with his partnership with Andrea. I'm not sure if Matt is savvy enough to be doing that for strategy purposes, but Rob is savvy enough to know that if he is, he's dangerous and needs to go as soon as possible. Phillip may be insane, but he's good in challenges and swears up and down that he'll be loyal to Rob, so it's in Rob's best interests to keep him around, just like he did Coach two seasons ago.

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