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Meanwhile, Kristina decides to wear her immunity necklace so her tribemates will know that she has every intention of using it tonight. She sees Phillip nearby and asks him if he's worried about tonight's vote. I'm not sure if she's rubbing it in or trying to be nice. "That looks pretty on you," Phillip says of her necklace. I'm not sure if he's trying to be nice or planning to use Kristina's necklace as a garroting wire. He then says he is not worried because he is "a strong man" and thinks he'll do okay on Redemption Island. Ah, Phillip knows this show well. I have a feeling the Redemption Island challenges will favor strong men, since we're only doing this thing because Probst is sick of his favorite hunky guys being voted off early and is using this as a way to keep one of them (or Li'l Russell, if by some miracle he's voted out) around. Kristina interviews that she's intending to use her idol tonight because she really can't expect the rest of the tribe to let her slip by without using it again. She's bummed to lose it, though, since she knows it's pretty much the only thing keeping her in the game right now.

BUT WAIT. Rob has a meeting with some of his allies about Matt and Andrea. Because Rob is, like, the master of the social aspect of this game, he is able to not only convince Grant and some blonde girl to vote for Matt, but also that it's all of their idea and decision. Grant interviews that Matt shaking the other team's hands right after losing was not what he wanted to see, even though Grant has been playing team sports his entire life and thus has probably shaken his opponents' hands right after a loss countless times himself. Rob says their alliance of four will all vote for Matt without telling Matt or Andrea about it. Matt and Andrea will split their votes between Kristina and Phillip, and no one cares who Kristina and Phillip vote for. Rob claims in an interview that he "didn't want to play Survivor like this," but he knows this game well enough to know what Matt is trying to do and nip it in the bud. Which is another reason why it's so unfair that a four-time player gets to play this game with a bunch of new people.

Rob meets with his entire alliance and informs them that they're going to split their votes tonight along gender lines: the three guys will vote for Phillip and the three girls will vote for Kristina. Andrea confidently interviews what she thinks the plan is and that she's pretty sure Kristina will use her idol and Phillip will be voted out tonight. I think it's really mean of her to send Phillip to Redemption Island with poor Francesca like that. Rob interviews the plan again, adding that Kristina had better play her idol, even though she actually doesn't need to tonight.

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