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Nothing Left To Suck

As NaOnka gets up with her torch, the jurors editorialize. "That's disgusting," Brenda says. "I hate that, man," says Marty; "I want to play." ">:-(" says Alina. NaOnka blows kisses to her tribemates, who all obviously hate her, and gives her torch to Probst. "You wanna go? Go," he says, giving it a good smuff. And that's it. She's gone. Good riddance. The other Kelly approaches with her torch. Suspenseful music plays like she's going to change her mind. She isn't. If she had, she probably wouldn't have been edited out of the entire season. NaOnka would have been edited out too, I bet, except that she was so crazy and such an awful person that they couldn't resist the good TV. Probst is slightly nicer to the other Kelly, simply telling her to "head out" as he smuffs her. She does. Good bye, non-entity. Probst then lectures the remaining seven contestants that they only have ten days left so they need to dig deep and play this game. Like they didn't know that already? They're still here.

As they get up to leave, Marty has more to say about NaOnka and Kelly: "that's really fucked up, man. I mean, that's really twisted." "I gave her so much more credit," Brenda says. And Alina is just crying at the injustice of it all. And also probably because now she has to share the Loser's Lodge with NaOnka, which cannot be fun times. The last shot before the credits is of NaOnka and Kelly's freshly-smuffed torches in their place of shame. But they still get closing statements during the credits, because we apparently aren't going to punish people who quit. The other Kelly at least has the decency to say that she feels bad for Marty, Brenda, and Alina and it was tough to look at them during Tribal tonight. It's going to be even tougher when she gets to the Loser's Lodge and has to confront them face-to-face. Alina is going to rip her apart! Of course, NaOnka doesn't think she owes anyone an apology and has no regrets and feels very accomplished. And she's going to feel that way forever no matter what happens or what anyone says, because she clearly can't handle the pain and shame that comes with self-awareness. Good for her, I guess. Bad for everyone who has the misfortune of encountering her.

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