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Nothing Left To Suck

Holly and Jane talk about forming a new alliance with Sash instead of NaOnka. Yeah, because Sash would side with them when Holly, Jane, and Chase would be pretty tough to beat in a Final Three or Two. Jane worries that the other Kelly will change her mind about quitting "if she gets warm," but Holly seems pretty certain that Kelly is leaving. If she and NaOnka do quit, that just leaves three guys against Jane and Holly's imaginary alliance of four. Holly lists them off: "Danny, Benry and ... Fabio." Once again, Holly is terrible with names. She's been in a tribe with this guy for like two weeks now, but still needs a second to recall his goofy nickname. I love her. Chase calls Holly and Sash together to talk about their Final Four plans. Why do they want Sash with them anyway? Why not Jud? Or Dan? He'd be great to go to the end with. Sash nods along with frantic Holly and Chase, but interviews that he doesn't trust them as much as he trusted the other Kelly and NaOnka, who he's closest with and knows the best. Thus, he wants them both to stay in the game. Really? Because if they leave, that seems to make Sash a crucial swing vote who both alliances will be courting instead of working together to vote him out.

After the break, it's time for the reward challenge. Probst explains that they'll be divided into two teams of four. Teammates will be tied to each other and have to untie a large heavy dummy from a platform and then carry him through an obstacle course. If they drop the dummy, they have to go back to the previous obstacle. The first team to get their dummy across the finish line wins. Also, the dummy is named after (and this entire challenge is sort of based on) the lead character in an upcoming movie that I am not going to name because Fox may have paid Survivor big money to become an hour-long infomercial but they didn't pay me, so I'm not going to give them any free advertising. That movie also comes into play again with the reward, which the winning team gets to watch at the Survivor cinema while eating movie food that is very bad for them but very tasty. By the way, there's no way they actually get to watch that movie, which was still being edited and possibly even still being shot when this was filmed. Not like any of these people care, since they just want the food. Probst natters on about inner strength or whatever to fill some time and shame NaOnka and the other Kelly into not quitting, but that doesn't work. NaOnka interviews that while she still plans to quit, she's going to give her all in this challenge because she doesn't want to let her team down. Of course, if you have 100% to give to your team then it doesn't really make sense that you're quitting because you don't think your body can take it anymore, but whatever.

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