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Nothing Left To Suck

Probst takes a second to be an asshole to Dan, saying that he's getting a great reward after putting in "no effort." Dan's just like, "yeah, I sure am. Suck it, Probst." Probst goes on to say that the five will be taken to the Survivor cinema for all kinds of food and a "sneak peek" (a.k.a. they might see a few scenes) of the movie. NaOnka interrupts right here to announce that she's given this game "110%" and put a lot of effort into the challenge she just won as well, but now, apparently, she's sick of trying. "This will be my last day," she says. But she's happy she gets to spend it on a reward with her winning teammates. Probst nods, his lips pursed in anger, and asks if anyone else would like to quit, too. Obviously, he was given a heads-up about both girls' plans to quit (and NaOnka was probably told when to announce it). The other Kelly speaks up to say that she, too, is quitting. She says this game is physically and mentally exhausting and the spoonfuls of rice she gets to eat aren't enough. Probst reminds them that there are only 11 days left, and calls NaOnka a quitter. NaOnka says she isn't a quitter, even though she is quitting this one time. "I'm content with the decision," she says. And it's all about whether or not NaOnka is content, as far as NaOnka is concerned. Probst asks the other Kelly if she's just going to walk away even though she's the youngest contestant in the game and has supposedly done an "amazing job" so far. The other Kelly says she can't believe she lasted as long as she did without quitting and is happy to leave with her "integrity." "I'm good," she says, as if Probst really cares about whether or not she and NaOnka are happy.

By the way, he doesn't. "I'm not good," Probst snaps. He hates quitters. He reminds NaOnka that she's done things in this game before that she regretted later, like when she stole the food. I don't think she did regret that, actually. I think she regretted getting caught, which is different. And, Probst says, the other Kelly wanted to quit before but managed to stick it out. He offers to give them both the rest of the day to think about things and then they'll have a Very Special Tribal Council where he'll ask for their final decisions. If they still want to leave, Probst says, then he'll generously let them go and he figures the remaining seven will be happy to be that much closer to the prize. Which they probably would be, and are sitting there right now thinking "LET THEM GO NOW PLEASE. WHY IS HE EVEN DISCUSSING THIS. NOT FAIR." NaOnka and the other Kelly agree to Probst's terms and he warns them not to become "one of those others. The quitters that nobody remembers." I remember them just fine, actually. I won't remember the other Kelly, though. The editors did a great job of ensuring that. But NaOnka will be remembered just as much as, if not more, anyone else on this season. Maybe if they made the punishment for quitting more severe, like taking away their participant fees and not letting them on the reunion and especially not letting them be on the jury, that would give them more of a reason to stick around. But just threatening them with the possibility that they might be forgotten is not enough.

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