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Nothing Left To Suck

After all this, we still aren't done. Probst says that, in light of these people being morons and burning all their food and most of their camp down, he's going to give them another tarp and a decent amount of rice (hopefully stored in a fireproof container this time) but only if one person from the team that just won the reward volunteers to give up his or her prize. Dan is not, apparently, allowed to give up his reward. He probably wouldn't have anyway. Well, that's a sucky choice to have to make. Oh, but wait -- maybe not! For NaOnka is planning to leave anyway, so she'll be able to eat plenty of movie food in just a few hours in the Loser's Lodge, right? Holly seems to follow my logic, as she shoots NaOnka several "any time you want to stand up and volunteer" looks. NaOnka doesn't move. The yellow team stare pleadingly at NaOnka. She pretends she doesn't see them. Finally, "I'll do it," Holly says. She then gets to make a speech about it: "I gotta take care of these guys. When I go home, I'll eat as many hot dogs as I want. I have 11 days left ... " and she keeps talking but the editors drown her out in favor of Ben, who mutters to NaOnka to volunteer instead of Holly. Dan doesn't say anything, but he's also looking at NaOnka. Chase, meanwhile, has no idea what's going on right now. "She needs to eat," Ben says. NaOnka says nothing and doesn't even acknowledge that Ben is speaking to her.

Holly grabs the tarp and rice and walks over to the yellow team. And then she looks right at NaOnka and raises her eyebrows in a look that is probably meant to shame NaOnka. Yeah. It doesn't. Holly interviews that she realized right there that she "misjudged" NaOnka. Really? So she didn't think the woman who goes off on everyone at Tribal and steals food from starving people was a selfish waste of oxygen with no heart before now? Because, honestly, the writing was kind of on the wall there. But maybe one of Holly's other personalities was dominant when that stuff happened so her current personality didn't realize what NaOnka was like. And I'll tell you what, those other personalities are going to be furious when they realize that she gave up nachos and hot dogs in exchange for some rice. She urges her more selfish challenge teammates to "have fun" on their reward while they all look totally spent and disgusted. Except for NaOnka, who says "thanks, Ma," no doubt thinking that Holly really does want her to have a good time on the reward because in NaOnka's mind, everyone loves NaOnka and wants to do stuff for her even though she will never, ever do anything for anyone else, ever. All others must give so that NaOnka may take. Probst sends them off to their reward, and Ben lets out a sigh of "unbelievable." Well, it's not like he felt so strongly about Holly getting hot dogs that he volunteered.

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