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Holly, Yve, the redhead, and Marty get together. Holly tells them what Jimmy said about voting out one of the two weak players. The redhead quickly asks if Jimmy counted himself as one of the weak players. Holly says that he did, in fact, which was a smart move as this appearance of honesty even at his own expense seems to have endeared him to some of his tribemates. The redhead then asks Holly who she wants to vote out between Jimmy Johnson and Wendy. Holly refuses to give her a straight answer, as she doesn't want to stick her neck out on the line for anything. The redhead says they should go around in a circle and "honestly state" who should be voted out tonight. All agree that this is a fair method, but no one actually wants to be the first person to name names. Watching these four avoid saying a name is like being stuck at a four-way intersection when everyone arrives at the stop sign at the same time. Marty is still hemming and hawing in his interview, saying that while Wendy doesn't seem like she can add anything to physical challenges (even though she's a goat rancha from Montana and used to be in the military, so odds are she can kick Marty's ass), he also doesn't trust that Jimmy Johnson isn't going to try to win the million dollars for himself. Meanwhile, it seems that Tyrone and the Mafia guy have nothing to do with any of this.

The Old People arrive at Tribal Council, which this season has been made to resemble some Spanish Colonial ruins. Probst recites his fire = life speech while the contestants tune him out, as per usual. Then, in a shocking twist, he asks Jane the first question -- NOT Jimmy Johnson! What the hell? He asks Jane what she thinks people's first impressions of her were. "Southern hillbilly," says the very self-aware Jane. Redhead comments that Jane is their MacGyver, mentioning that she had a fire started within minutes of their arrival at camp. Probst asks Jane if she knew she had this fire-starting ability. "Hell yeah, I knew I could do it. Cause I saw an article that you wrote!" This pleases Probst, and now that his ego has been sufficiently stroked, Jane can probably look forward to his future "old women are weak, vote them out ASAP, favored alpha males!" statements being aimed at everyone on Espada except her. "You actually listened to something I said?" he asks, full of false modesty. "Yeah, I take it to heart, too. Cause I practiced for two months!" Jane says proudly. And while Jane is awesome, it's kind of incredible that after twenty seasons of this show, only a few people have given enough of a shit to learn how to start a fire without flint.

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