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Probst then turns to the crazy fisherman, asking him how important first impressions are. Jimmy T. mumbles something about how it's tough for him to be a leader in his real life, but forced to be a follower here because the tribe has people who are "stronger" and have "more integrity" than he does. Does Jimmy T. know what "integrity" means? Because he probably shouldn't be broadcasting his lack of it to his tribe. And, he adds, they have one of the greatest leaders in the NFL on their tribe, too. So he's frustrated to be "just another playah." Basically, Jimmy T. just gave everyone a nice speech with all the reasons why they should get rid of him immediately. Fortunately for him, most of his tribe is insane so they won't pay any attention to it.

Probst quickly turns to Jimmy Johnson and asks him if he's worried that his general awesomeness could make him a target. Jimmy Johnson insists that he is not the leader of this tribe (because, unlike Jimmy T., Jimmy Johnson knows that you never want to be seen as the leader in this game) but he knows that he's going to be a target at every Tribal Council just because of who he is. He also knows that he'll never win the million dollars at the end, so he's just here for "the adventure." If that was true, why doesn't he just camp out in his backyard, then, and spare the rest of us? Probst expertly asks Jimmy T. if he believes Jimmy Johnson. "No way. He's gonna try to win this thing," Jimmy T. says, pointing out that if Jimmy Johnson makes it to the end and can stand up in front of the jury and say he was a good leader, they'll give him the money and he'll deserve it. Probst ignores Jimmy T.'s very good point there, instead asking Marty if he's had as much trouble as Jimmy T. adjusting to having several leaders around. Marty says it's not a good idea in this game to be the "over-the-top leader" anyway, and "there's different ways to lead, and it's just making sure that you don't lead in the way that gets you into trouble."

Probst asks the group who thinks he or she is in trouble tonight. Wendy immediately raises her hand, as does Mafia Guy, Yve, Holly, and Jimmy Johnson. If you don't have an immunity idol, raise your hand. Every time. Just so that you don't look like an overconfident buffoon if you are blindsided. Probst asks Holly why she's worried. Instead of saying something like "you never know," Holly stupidly tells everyone that she made an alliance with someone and now Jimmy Johnson basically wants her to vote her out. WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT TO ANYONE??? Amazingly, though, there is someone even better at shooting herself in the foot at Tribal Council, and it's Wendy, who says she hasn't connected with anyone in her tribe yet because she was too "busy" to talk to people and no one has made an effort to get to know her. "Nobody here even knows my age. Not one single person asked me," she says. The redhead is apparently just as invisible to Wendy as she is to the producers, as she protests that she did ask Wendy her age. Yve, meanwhile, says she never asks people how old they are because she doesn't like being asked that herself. Tyrone agrees, saying "I never ask a woman her age." Does anyone think Wendy looks like Cathy from the comics? Like, if they made a live-action Cathy movie (which, PLEASE GOD NO), I think Wendy would be a shoo-in.

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