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Voting happens. We only see Tyrone's vote for Wendy, and he says that while the decision to vote her out was tough before, after hearing her speak at Tribal Council, it's pretty easy. So I guess Wendy's husband was right -- when she didn't talk, people were reluctant to vote her out, but were still going to vote her out. After she spoke, though, they couldn't get rid of her fast enough. Probst returns with the urn and reads off Tyrone's vote for Wendy, Wendy's vote for Yve, and then a bunch more votes for Wendy. Damn, Wendy was so out of the loop that she didn't even know the other name on the chopping block was Jimmy Johnson. Anyway, Wendy seems like a very nice person, if a bit socially awkward, so seeing her heart break as Probst reads the votes against her is pretty awful. He snuffs her torch and sends her out through the new Tribal Council ridiculous Halloween graveyard. Fortunately, her feet have no blisters on them, so she's able to move quickly out of our lives forever.

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