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In non-Jimmy Johnson news, Holly suddenly pulls Wendy aside and tells her that she "really likes" her, has a "good feeling" about her, and "trusts" her. Wendy says that she, too, trusts Holly, adding, "and you know what? I agree." With that, she suddenly turns around and takes off. "I'm with you all the way!" Holly calls out after her. That whole exchange took, like, three seconds. It was kind of manic. Holly then interviews that she's from South Dakota and a swim team coach, because this show apparently can't have enough coaches. They're really trying to give poor old Douche an inferiority complex here, I think. Holly says that this gives her the ability to keep her composure while dealing with many different personalities, unlike, apparently, every other job where I guess you're allowed to flip the fuck out while dealing with people who are all the same. Thus, Holly concludes, she's a very good judge of character. I'm sure she won't look foolish saying that and aligning with Wendy.

Wendy, meanwhile, interviews that while it's "awesome" that she now has an alliance with Holly, she was surprised it happened so early in the game. And then we learn that Wendy, while a perfectly nice woman I'm sure, is ... uh ... special. Although she describes it as "I don't know if I'm naïve. My brother calls me 'sheltered,' and that's kinda like naïve ... " She continues that she's a "goat rancha," and so doesn't get to meet many people in the course of a day. I think that's more due to the fact that she lives in Montana than her occupation. And also possibly because she's a moron. She describes her strategy in this game as "not be the first person voted off," adding "my husband thinks I'm gonna be the first person voted off." Does her husband know her really well or is he an asshole or both? You decide. "I think I'm going to bite my tongue and hide my true self from the tribemates," she says. Well, that sounds like a very good plan for Wendy. Although, honestly, if her husband is saying she'll be the first person voted out and her brother kindly describes her as sheltered, what makes Wendy think she's cut out for this game at all? If she thinks that only by hiding her "true self" can she have a chance at staying in the game past the first vote, then maybe she shouldn't be on a show that traditionally makes weird people feel very bad about themselves in front of a national audience. Marty bravely attempts to make conversation with Wendy, asking where she's from and if she likes horses. "I do!" Wendy says, scurrying away so quickly that the camera has trouble keeping up with her. "She's a little weird," Marty says to himself. So, Wendy's about as good at hiding her true self from her tribemates as Kelly B. is at hiding her half-leg.

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