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The old people get treemail. It's time for the immunity challenge! We definitely need to hear from Jimmy Johnson about how he feels about this development: "it's a very stressful time." He orders the tribe to get in a "team huddle," where he tells their dubious faces that he's not doing this show for the million dollars, since he already has plenty of money and no one would vote for him to get more. Instead, he wants to "help" one of his tribemates make it to the end and win, he claims. This appears to at least win the black guy over, who makes his only statement of the show thus far just to say "JIMMY JOHNSON!!!"

The tribes arrive at the challenge. Annoyingly, La Flor has decided to make their entrance with a choreographed dance/chant thing that they should be ashamed of. At least Shannon and Chase have the self-respect not to participate in this nonsense, and even shake their heads in embarrassment. Probst awesomely responds to it all with " ... 'kay." If the dance was meant to strike fear into the hearts of the old people, though, La Flor has not succeeded. Fisherman Jimmy T. is openly laughing at them, the Mafia guy seems totally confused, and Wendy has her usual idiot grin. Probst addresses them, calling them "Older Tribe." It's Espada, asshole. Probst makes a point to constantly say the name of every stupid tribe on this show, even when it's Fang (pronounced FONG) or Jalawhatever. But now he's just going to call Espada "Older Tribe?" Meanwhile, if Probst was playing this season, he'd be on the Older Tribe himself, so, whatever. Probst asks Jimmy Johnson for his opinion on La Flor's attempt to either serenade or intimidate them (Probst is sure to add that he's not sure which one in the most disgusted way possible), because Jimmy Johnson hasn't gotten a chance to speak yet. Jimmy Johnson says he's not worrying about what the other team does. Probst then asks Jud what he thinks about the "Older Tribe." Before Jud can respond, Shannon insists that Jud's name is now Fabio. It's still not funny, so Probst moves on to ask how he should distinguish La Flor's two Kellys (there's another Kelly? Where? Who? How many legs does this one have?), and the tribe says they'll address the other Kelly as "Purple Kelly" due to her hair color and also because calling Kelly B. "Pegleg Kelly" would be rude. Probst asks Tyrone, whoever that is, if seeing someone on La Flor with a prosthetic limb makes him think he should take it easy on her. Of course, he says it does not.

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