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Probst finally explains the challenge: one person pours buckets of water down a gutter system held up by four tribemates. Once there's enough water in the barrel at the bottom of the tower, it will drop a bag of puzzle pieces for the remaining tribe members to solve. Probst shows off this season's immunity idol, which is a Conquistador. Way to play off of Nicaragua's tragic history of bloodshed brought by European conquerors, show. Maybe next time they can go to Japan and the immunity idol can be an Atom Bomb. Geez. And finally, we learn what the stupid Medallion does: if Esapada chooses to use it, they'll have a "huge" advantage in the challenge: their barrel will start about twenty percent full. The Medallion will then be given to La Flor for the next challenge. Espada can also choose not to use the Medallion this time, thus saving it for another challenge. This means that we're going to be dealing with the stupid Medallion at least until the merge. Ugh. Awesomely, despite Probst's assertions that the Medallion is super amazing and great, the old people decide to "make a statement" and not use it. That statement, I guess, is "we don't need a Medallion to beat a bunch of stupid models" as well as "this Medallion kinda sucks anyway."

With that, the challenge begins. Both tribes decide to put men up as the gutter-holders, and both tribes immediately put their gutter sections together to create one big long slide leading straight to the barrel. Apparently, the people who thought of this challenge thought they'd all hold their gutters up so the water would have to flow from side to side, creating waterfalls all the way down the tower and making the whole process much more difficult and take longer. But they didn't, so the challenge is actually really easy. La Flor gets an early lead because their water pourer, NaOnka, doesn't freak the fuck out and splash water everywhere like Holly does for Espada.

La Flor's puzzle pieces are released first, although Esapada isn't far behind. Probst comments that the win will come down to the "wisdom" of the old women against the "enthusiasm" of the young women. As it turns out, wisdom fails to realize that they're trying to create a symbol from their buffs, while enthusiasm, seemingly lead by Kelly B. although all four women seem to work very well together, is pretty awesome at puzzles. It comes down to the last piece, but then ... it doesn't fit. Probst claims that Espada is "back in it," but come on. La Flor has one piece to figure out while Espada's puzzle isn't even close. Sure enough, La Flor solves the puzzle and wins immunity. Espada shouldn't feel bad, though - even if they'd used the stupid Medallion, I still don't think it would've given them enough of headstart to win. But of course, Probst asks Brenda, who has no romantic entanglements, if Espada should've used the Medallion. Brenda says "of course" because you shouldn't save things for a later challenge when you need to win "right now." Meanwhile, Brenda's tribe gave up the Medallion in the first place, so, whatever. Also, none of this is an important as knowing whether or not Brenda has a boyfriend. During the slo-mo walk of shame, we of course hear from Jimmy Johnson, who says that the Cowboys once lost the first two games of the season, only to win the Super Bowl. Yes, but the Cowboys had Troy Aiken and Emmitt Smith. Espada has Jimmy T. and Holly.

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