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Previously on See, I Was Hyp-mo-tized By The Compass: The merge put the four-person Aitu alliance at risk, but Jonathan was getting pretty antsy, feeling like the rest of Raro was Miss Hannigan and he was the entire pack of floor-scrubbing orphans. Candice and Adam saw the merge as an opportunity to ignore more people while making out in an unappealingly awkward fashion. Yul figured that maybe this was the part where he made use of that immunity idol thingy he dug up that one time, so he pretty much waved it at Jonathan and said something along the lines of "You can either join up with me, or go home, and I really hope you choose the more productive of those options so that we can partner together and utilize synergy." Jonathan already kind of hated Raro anyway, and when he tried to hint to them that maybe Yul had the idol, they listened to him with all the rationality, common sense, and patience of your average online discussion of Coldplay or breastfeeding. So Jonathan decided that they could sit on it, Potsie-style, and he and Aitu voted off Nate. Jonathan was not unaware that, either way, this would make him a "complete bastard" in the eyes of someone, so he figured he'd rather it be the complete bastards. Raro, which had been so recently sitting pretty, suddenly found itself roasting slowly over an open flame, and oh, it was good. Well, unless you're Adam, Candice, and Parvati, in which case it was the worst thing that has happened to you since your tan line. Oh, and Ozzy's performance at the immunity challenge was the kind that makes you think other people would be smart not to get their hopes up about winning immunity in anything that involves endurance, balance, or staying in the same position for long periods of time, not that anyone has any reason to think any challenges like that might come along ever.

It is Night 27 at Aitutonga, and the tribe is returning to camp. Jonathan has taken Candice aside to tell her, "If it wasn't me tonight, it was going to be you." Now, don't forget -- Jonathan really did insist that Nate be eliminated instead of Adam or Candice before he would go along with the Aitu plan. While it might not seem to be worth much, it gave both Adam and Candice the opportunity to grab for immunity and maybe last a bit longer. He did try, apparently sincerely, to give something to the two people he felt most closely aligned with, including Candice. And he's absolutely right that she was the only other choice, and that had he not flipped, one of the two of them would have gone home because of the idol, as he explains to her. He asks her if she understands, and she says, "I can, yeah, definitely." Keep that in mind. Jonathan goes on to say that if Candice had been voted off, then the next time, the four Aitu would have gone after Jonathan, and it would have been a tiebreaker. In other words, Jonathan is explaining to Candice very rationally and clearly that if he hadn't flipped, she'd have gone tonight, and he'd be at least tied next week. And I think he's entirely right on both counts. He says in an interview that he was in the position to change the course of the game and, just as many of us speculated, he says that he switched it partly because he just prefers to play with Aitu, and would rather one of them win if it isn't going to be him: "I believe I made the right choice." I do too, Jonathan. Don't doubt yourself!

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