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As Jonathan walks with firewood through the rain, he voices over that things basically boiled over back at camp, and that he's a little sick of the behavior he's being subjected to. We go back to camp, where Adam, Candice, and Parvati have taken shelter in the...uh, shelter, and they're waiting to eat. They're discussing cuddling, and there's kissing, and then Candice has to kiss Parvati, and...ick.

The former members of Aitu, meanwhile, are sitting around the fire with Jonathan, who says, out of pure exasperation, "Do we have to feed them this fish? Let's talk about the ethical..." "I say no," Ozzy immediately offers. "I don't think that there's really an ethical question, because there ain't no such thing as a free lunch, as they say." So without going to drag the Rarovians out of bed, they all eat. They all thank Jonathan profusely for the fish, and he makes a point of being all, "You're so welcome," and I'm pretty sure Adam, Parvati, and Candice do not make a point of being grateful that they're being fed. As these five are eating, Adam, Parvati, and Candice finally look up from their positions in the shelter and notice that eating is going on. Candice decides that she's going to do something about this, and she strolls off, determined to make an utter idiot out of herself. I'm assuming, you know, based on the result.

Accompanied by snare drums of confrontation, Candice marches down the beach. She arrives at the group eating fish. "Since when do you guys not share food?" she whines. "That's just so arrogant and so rude. I can't believe this." Everyone keeps eating. Nobody is the least bit impressed. Jonathan looks up at her and says, "Didn't you call me a..." but his voice trails off. "Well, doesn't matter," he says. "Didn't I call you a what?" she says. "I was told I was a disgusting rat and I should be voted against for whatever reason," Jonathan says, since Candice wants to know. Unwisely, Candice decides to try to explain to him why he's a rat: "Jonathan, you're a rat because you've betrayed everybody in this game." Whereas, of course, she's just betrayed...all of these particular people who are sitting here right now. She goes on: "And everybody knows that you only care about yourself. Yul said it this afternoon, that he can predict your behavior because you're selfish, and..." What I love here is that Jonathan looks over at Yul, who nods affirmation and says, "Self-interested," not because he's denying saying "selfish," I don't think, but just because he's clarifying for Jonathan, between the two of them, with that mutual respect despite grave doubts that they both have, what he meant by "selfish." I'm fairly sure Jonathan understands, because he is not a moron. Candice keeps this up -- saying that Yul knows that Jonathan will make "the selfish decision" -- and Yul, at this point, asks her not to speak for him. Clarifying what he said, Yul says, "I said he's a self-interested, rational player." Of course, he did say "selfish," but I think he's realized that "selfish" wasn't taken by Candice the way he meant it, so he's using the synonym that's more precise. Candice forces the issue, saying, "And you don't like Jonathan, and you said that, too." Of course, from what we saw, Yul never, ever said that he doesn't like Jonathan. That was, to our knowledge, not part of the conversation. Sundra has said she doesn't like him, pretty much. Nobody else on Aitu has said that. They've said they think he was obnoxious at the challenge, and they wonder if more of his personality is being revealed as the game goes on, which strikes me as kind of...not as emotional as Candice is making it.

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