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Yul and Becky now have a very, very weird conversation in which he tells her that he's trying to figure out how to avoid jury problems, and he's talking about the possibility of booting Jonathan, which would still give them 4-3, and would keep the jury from blaming him. The captioner makes Yul's speech look stupid by claiming that he says "I'll have victory votes on the jury," when he actually says, "I'll have their three votes on the jury" (meaning Adam, Candice, and Parvati). It seems like a dumb discussion, though, because it sounds like he's presuming (1) he'll be in the final two; and (2) either it won't be Becky in the final two with him or Becky wants to help him beat her in the jury, you know? I thought for a long time about this, and I think he's just oblivious. He's so used to feeling like a team with Becky that it isn't even occurring to her that he's completely going to the wrong person for advice here. The weird thing is that I'm not sure she even minds. I think they're both weirdly good at pretending they can separate their inherent competitiveness with each other and give each other impartial advice. Like, I almost think she wouldn't mind trying to step outside her own interests and be like, "Okay, if I were your friend, uninvolved in this, what would I tell you to do?" They have a really interesting cooperative dynamic, I think.

Tribal council. Jeff settles everyone in, and then brings in the jury. As Jeff tells everyone that the jury is only there to observe, Nate and Parvati wink at each other. Which I think is just what Jeff just told them not to do. Jeff starts with the auction, asking Becky about sending Candice to Exile Island. Becky calls Candice "the fiercest competitor" and, for that reason, "the obvious choice." Jeff asks Candice about keeping a smile on her face, and she gives a fairly bland speech about loving the game, and highs and lows, and blahs and more blahs.

Ozzy is asked what he did after the challenge, and Ozzy says that he went out looking for firewood and Jonathan went fishing. Oh, and Candice, Adam, and Parvati went into the tent to sit around on their asses and do nothing. And then, of course, there was this "huge ordeal" over the eating business. "Not sharing the fish," Candice corrects him snottily. Parvati explains that the issue was not "inviting us to dinner." Parvati, asked for her side of the story, says that of course, since she, Adam, and Candice know that they're on the outs, they sat around and didn't do any work. This follows logically somehow, I'm sure. She says that, therefore, Jonathan didn't want to share the fish. Adam, of course, says that it was only Jonathan who had a problem. He doesn't know what Ozzy said, of course. Asked whether he and Jonathan aren't speaking, Adam says he doesn't "really care for Jonathan." Over on the jury, Nate makes his first of several idiot maneuvers when he pumps his fists like saying you don't like someone is some kind of...moral victory? Winning one for the team? Whatever.

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