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Parvati says that, as Jonathan becomes more "comfortable," his "true colors" are showing more: "It just shows the level of immaturity. I'm half his age, and I'm twice as mature as he is," she says. HA HA HA HA! Man, that girl is a Borat-like comic genius doing some kind of meta Teri Garr, or else she is among the biggest twits this show has ever seen, which is really saying something. My favorite part is how Nate scrunches up his face and nods really hard over on the jury, like he's passing a broken Christmas ornament. Jonathan really isn't all that upset by this: "I understand that you guys are hurt or disappointed or whatever, but if you have five people working, and you have three people who don't do any work, at what point does [sic] the five people who are working and the three people who are basically waiting for the dinner bell so that they can get fed, you know, when is that not appropriate?" Yep, I think he about covered it. Candice doesn't want to talk about it in those terms, for obvious reasons, so she insists that it's "an arrogance thing," where Aitu and Jonathan know that the Rarovians are at a disadvantage, so they're refusing to feed them because they can. This is a perfect example, of course, of someone who makes a ridiculous accusation about how someone else is behaving in a situation for the simple reason that that's what they would do. It's so often true that the person who's throwing an accusation at you that has nothing to do with your behavior is doing it because if they were in your situation, it's exactly how they would behave. If Candice were up in numbers, she'd be sticking it to the people she didn't like. By which I mean...when Candice was up in numbers, she did enjoy sticking it to the people she didn't like. So she assumes that this is how everyone else acts. It's kind of funny, though a little sad.

Candice also insists again, although it couldn't be more irrelevant, that "all of [the former Aitu members] have said that they don't like Jonathan," which is a lie as far as we know. Nate makes a great display of Muttley-like cackling on the jury again, which is you suppose he understands that he's still on the jury, and Jonathan is still in the game, and nothing Candice says is hurting Jonathan's feelings, particularly? There's a feeling I get that Raro believed right about here that they would be perceived as lovable underdogs done wrong by mean, bad, horrible Jonathan, and Nate somehow thought that, at this point, everyone would be rooting for Candice. I don't think he has any idea, as this is happening, that he and his friends have shown themselves to be idiotic chumps.

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