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Parvati, deprived of the opportunity to spend the evening picking on Jonathan, decides to pick on Yul instead, snotting, "He's the puppetmaster, and we're all puppets in his little play." Finally having reached the end of his extremely long rope, Yul actually snaps at her, "Look, what do you expect me to do? We're all here trying to win. You can't fault me for that." "I do not at all," Parvati says, even though she just did. "I respect completely all four of you." Adam jumps in here being the fucking bully that he is through and through, saying, "I'd have a lot more respect, and so would the people on the jury, if they cut loose of their cancer that they got hooked on." Candice agrees: "Even if all three of us were next to go." "Yeah," Adam says, "one, two, three, after that." "Boom boom boom, sittin' ducks!" Parvati says, flashing her teeth at the jury, which is not going to get a chance to vote for her.

Jeff points out to Jonathan that this has basically been one big attack-fest on him. How's he feeling? Jonathan says he's fine, even though "one never wants to hear" things like "cancer" and "rat": "Luckily for me, right now, I'm in a better position than I was when I was with them."

Jeff asks Candice what she's basing her vote on and how Raro can hope to turn this situation around. Candice says that they've already tried everything, and that they can't know whether Aitu will vote with them or not. She adds that "this is a decision that the jury's going to make," and says that things are "ugly." By which she means, "I am about to lose, and that is not pretty." As one of my friends constantly points out, there's a large hole in this theory, which is that the jury is going to have to vote for someone. "The jury will never vote for any of you!" is basically an empty threat. The jury doesn't get to refuse to award the money. They can hate on Yul and Jonathan all they want, but if two people are standing at the end and those two people are Yul and Jonathan, they're going to have to vote for one of them. You can't get back at an entire dominating alliance with your jury vote; it's a dumb idea.

Jeff asks Adam whether he wants to give up the immunity necklace. He does not, of course, like Candice that much. Jeff also reminds us about the hidden idol, which they know Yul found, but of course, anybody could have it if Yul gave it away. Time for voting. Ozzy votes. Sundra votes. Jonathan votes for Candice: "I'm not going to sacrifice myself for you. And tonight you showed me your true colors." Becky votes. Adam votes. Candice votes for Jonathan -- double underlined! -- and, looking into the camera with all her heart and soul, she says, "Wow. Piece of work." BURN! Not. Parvati votes. Yul votes. Jeff goes off to tally.

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