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The remaining members of Raro, oblivious to the way this is playing out, begin to lecture Jonathan about how foolish he was to do what he did. "You weren't going home tonight," Parvati says with exasperation. Jonathan counters that he most certainly could have gone home. "No, you couldn't have," Parvati says dismissively. Jonathan remains calm and tries to explain it to her: "If I didn't throw in with them, they all would have voted for me, you all would have voted for Yul, and it would have bounced off Yul and hit me." Candice mutters, "Not if you told us," which is interesting, because she's kind of got the best argument right there -- that Jonathan should have come clean and told them, rather than hinted, about the idol. But that falls by the wayside as Parvati says, in this dismissive, frustrated-cheerleader-captain voice, "Yul...doesn't have the idol." Pronounce that last part not as "thee idol," as most people would, but "thuh idol," like a dopey brat, and it will help you get the feel of it. In a magnificent moment that equals any I've ever seen on this show for sheer smiting of dumb-asses, Jonathan sharply says, "Yul does have the idol. He showed me the idol. I don't know what you think you're talking about." What's genius here is that Adam has been sitting with his knees pulled up, leaning his forehead down on his knees, and as soon as Jonathan says this, Adam does a slow, mouth-breathing turn and stares at Jonathan. If you look in Adam's open mouth, you can see the hamster running on the wheel in his brain. Parvati just kind of freezes, because...what's she going to do?

I think this is where Raro gets a lot more pissed off and vindictive. Up until now, they were thinking it was a situation where they could be like, "Jonathan is so foolish; we never counted on how dumb he was going to be," and they could go out on that note. But he's basically just proved that not only did he successfully flip on them, but he wisely flipped on them, so there's really nothing for them to make fun of or to complain about. It was perfectly fair, and it was perfectly smart. In fact, it was basically his only choice, and they have nothing. Which means, of course, that it's time for the irrational vitriol.

So anyway, Jonathan says he knows the ex-Raros don't even believe him that Yul has the idol, and Parvati snots that he's right -- she doesn't believe it. Good for you, girl. You just keep on believing that Jonathan is making up the fact that Yul has the idol, and keep trying to vote him out. "Guess there's nothing to say tonight," Jonathan finally says. "We can talk tomorrow if you want." What I dig about Jonathan here is that he's not at all afraid to talk about what he did. He's not defensive, he's not denying it -- he's just telling them why what he did was rational and sensible, and he understands that they don't like it. Parvati says in her interview that she "called [Jonathan] out," which is idiotspeak for "pointlessly complained," and told him he's "a filthy, miserable rat." And then she smiles a little smile, because she has nothing to fear but the fact that she's going to lose, and she's going to lose ugly.

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