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Candice Canned

The next item Jeff presents, he tells them, "will give [the winner] power in this game." Jonathan rapidly jumps the bidding up to $400. I really think once he got something to eat, he was mostly screwing around, to be honest. Candice bids her full amount of $500. Yul mutters to Becky that he'll give her some of his money. So with that, Becky bids $600. "Why do you need that, Becky?" Parvati asks petulantly. "You all have the numbers." Of course, if Candice needs it, then Becky needs it, because power is a zero-sum game here, dear, so if Candice wants it, Becky doesn't want her to have it. Get it, genius? Candice turns to Adam, who nods a little, and she bids $620. Becky looks over at Yul again, gets the nod, and goes to $640. Candice turns around to Adam, and he shakes his head. So stupid. You always go for the power move, especially when you're in trouble. Remember when Danni won the advantage in the immunity challenge? It was crazy -- crazy -- for them to let her get that, and it made an enormous difference. Becky is not Steph. Becky gets money from Yul, and then goes and turns it all in to Jeff. Jeff gives her the little note, which she opens. It says that she is to immediately send someone to Exile Island and take all his or her money. Yul gestures between Adam and Candice, pointing out that they both have $500. "Candice," says Becky. Even Yul makes a little "yikes" face. I think he thought maybe Adam would be the logical choice, since Candice keeps getting sent there. But they're both assholes, so it doesn't bother me. So off Candice is going, for the fourth time, to Exile Island. The other thing that's interesting is that you can see behind Candice's head that Becky is handing money to Yul. So I think that when Becky got all of Candice's money, she gave some to Yul to partially pay him back for the loan, which is really kind of cool. She didn't have to do that, of course -- she's the one who risked all her money to get the note, and Yul only risked part of his, so she'd have been justified in keeping it all, but they seem to work hard to do things as fairly as they can, and I liked that little detail. Anyway, Candice says she's not concerned about going -- it's "just some food." At least, she hopes it is.

In talking about the upcoming trip to Exile Island, Jeff brings up the fact that "there's still the idea of the hidden immunity idol." Candice, however, is having none of it: "I think I know where it is." Yul clearly thinks this is stupid, since everyone now knows that he has it; the only people he didn't tell are the ones he probably knows have already found out from Jonathan, and he doesn't care anymore if they know he has it anyway. So Yul says, "I can end the suspense." There is a dramatic pause, as if we don't already know he has it, and he says, "I have it." Jeff asks Yul if he has the idol with him. Yul says he does. Jeff asks him if he wants to show it to everyone. Yul says that's fine. He produces the compass-idol from his bag and holds it up. He takes it over to the tub to let Parvati hold it, and she comments, "Looks authentic." I'm certainly glad it received Parvati's seal of approval. Jeff asks Yul why he wanted to show people something "so valuable" rather than, presumably, keeping it to himself. Yul goes through his explanation of the fact that he just wanted to reveal it at a point where it would make a difference, which he was able to do. So now, Jeff sends Candice on her way. Parvati makes a face and goes back to scrubbing her back halfheartedly. She doesn't even look like she's enjoying that bath all that much. ["I'm saying!" -- Wing Chun] All alone in her porny bath, and no one to share it with.

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