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When Jonathan has gone, Yul, Becky, and Sundra start talking about how much they are not enjoying him right now. "He is an obnoxious force," says Sundra, "and he just came here and gave this really obnoxious burp." "I was getting really annoyed at him," Yul agrees. Sundra also says with some frustration that she feels like Jonathan's a pain in the ass whenever they're involved in a challenge. "He was obnoxious today," Yul agrees in a carefully limited way. Sundra says that she wouldn't want to see Jonathan in the final four. Yul takes this in, and asks Sundra and Becky whether it makes them want to change anything about the plan. I don't think he's advocating that; I think he's trying to figure out just how serious they are about it and whether he has a problem. They don't answer. So what we've heard at this point is (1) Sundra really doesn't like Jonathan in general, at least in the context of challenges; and (2) Yul thinks Jonathan was acting obnoxious today, about this particular thing.

Parvati and Adam are walking in the woods, and Parvati self-satisfiedly comments, "So, exposed." Adam has no idea what she's talking about. "A little crack, perhaps," she continues, and God bless the EEFPs who noted that it was like she was writing treemail. Ha! Or maybe haiku, or fortune cookies, or she was commenting on Nate's ass. The EEFPs had a good week. Parvati says that "everyone's pissed off about Jonathan's display today. At the challenge, how, like, cocky and arrogant he was." Parvati interviews that she saw "resentment" and "hostility brewing." I think she underestimates the degree to which there is also hostility and resentment toward her, making it kind of a...wash.

Becky and Sundra chat with Parvati about how unenjoyable Jonathan's behavior was. Becky agrees that they were all sort of surprised about it, and that it was what everybody was thinking about when they got back from the challenge. "I think his true personality is finally coming out," Becky says with a not entirely unkind smile. Parvati grins and says that if Jonathan is in the final four, she will shoot herself. Nobody really picks up on this, but she happily interviews that the game could "get flipped on top of its head" if Aitu turns on Jonathan. At which point they would be up only 4-3, instead of 5-3. And they'd still have the idol. I'm not sure how that becomes "flipped on top of its head," so much as "delaying the inevitable for three days," but...keep hope alive, there. Adam announces to the assembled women that he's going out to get an octopus. When Adam and Parvati are gone, Becky says, "Wow, they really dislike [Jonathan] a lot." Sundra continues to be the only one from Aitu who really shows much personal animosity, because she's kind of joining the Raro chorus, saying that this is a problem Parvati and Adam see with "seeing the wrong person get ahead." She is...not reacting in a way I like right now at all. She goes on in an interview to talk about Jonathan's "true character" and how he was cocky and arrogant and so forth. He was uncouth at the auction, basically, and afterward. You change your plans for that, because he's "the wrong person" to keep playing? Yeesh. Adam is not exactly Gallant to Jonathan's Goofus on an overall basis, you know?

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