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Yul comes to talk to Becky and Sundra, chatting that he thinks elements of Jonathan's "true personality" are sort of showing up, and that he doesn't find the idea of spending the last days on the island with him "particularly pleasant." Just then, Jonathan returns, and they all stop talking. As Jonathan says in an interview, he was quite aware right away that there was a chill in the air. He thinks Adam and Parvati have "gotten in the girls' ear [sic]," and he's not sure how much of an issue it is: "Clearly, the energy has shifted."

And now, we visit Candice on Exile Island on Day 29. She's still crying, this time about being away from Adam and not being able to get a hug. She wants a hug! Is that so wrong? She makes herself a fire, and she tells us that she's probably on the block, so she needs immunity. Over shots that really, really make her roots look bad (hint: I'm all about the silly color jobs, but before you go on this show, dye your hair to a color more closely approximating your natural shade), Candice says she wishes she felt better. She's on the edge!

After the commercials, it's Day 30 at Aitutonga. Jonathan is reading some treemail clearly indicating that the next challenge will be the one where you try to recall trivia from earlier in the game. Never one of my favorites in any season, but...okay. Adam tells us that the challenge is important to him, and that he doesn't "like what Jonathan stands for." I'm not sure what that is, but okay, big guy. "He's just a dirty, dirty...rat," Adam says, not too creatively. I think he may only know that one mean word.

Challenge course. The tribe gathers, and Jeff brings Candice back from exile. He takes the immunity necklace back from Ozzy. Immunity is back up for grabs! In today's challenge, you'll get questions about the events of the last thirty days. It will start with four questions, and you'll get a series of four numbers, and you'll add, subtract, multiply and divide them as you're told to do, and you'll untie the rope on a little compartment corresponding to your answer. You'll take out a little wrapped-up cloth, and when you unwind it, if there's a key in it, then you're right. You use the key to open a lock and raise a flag. First three to get their flags up will move to the final round. Winner of that round wins immunity.

Ready? Go! This is not a very exciting challenge to recap. The questions include the number of pieces used in a couple of challenges, the number of days since the mutiny, and the number of people on the jury. Jonathan is the first to start untying, then Ozzy and Yul, then Parvati...basically, everybody starts unwinding, but there's a lot of guessing going on, and the first person to get a key is Parvati, which is how you know it wasn't very hard. She moves on to the next round. Adam has a key next. Then Jonathan. So it's Parvati, Adam, and Jonathan in the next round.

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