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After Probst recaps like the entire season thus far and wastes five minutes of precious airtime, we go to morning at Camp JalapeƱo, where Taj's back itches. Stephen is more than happy to literally scratch her back to pay her back for figuratively scratching his. As she moans in ecstasy, he notes that he's "never brought such pleasure to a woman before." Way to use your national television fame to get ladies, Stephen! I'm sure they'll be lining up at your door now. Taj interviews that she wrote Joe's name down last night because she didn't want to write Sandy's. A sweet gesture, but I doubt Joe appreciates it. Be careful, Taj! As Taj and Stephen go off to get water, she interviews that their four-way alliance with Brendan and Sierra is intact, and all she has to do now is find the idol. She's so eager to get the idol that she actually runs to treemail and starts searching. The clue said something about asking treemail "why the sad frown?" which obviously means the idol has been shoved up its ass. I would have a sad frown if that happened to me, too. Taj quickly finds the idol. It's not all that well-hidden, actually -- what would they have done if someone found it by accident? Taj interviews that now that they've got their alliance and the idols, all they have to do is make it to the merge and the game is theirs to win. "I just love it when a perfect plan comes together," Taj A-Teams. I'm not sure if Taj is the best judge of perfect plans, though, as she then gives the idol to Stephen to hold for safekeeping. What is with these people and their mistaken impression that immunity idols are group projects? Stephen wants to bury it somewhere, but Taj thinks he'll be fine hiding it on his person since no one will suspect him of having the idol. Stephen then interviews that he and Taj "found the idol together" even though Taj totally found it and he happened to be nearby. Stephen says that since the idol is now in his possession, he's going to work hard to keep it that way. Because, unlike Taj, he understands that only one person can use the idol. Not two. One.

Let's go over to Tempura. They're making beans, which is never a good sign. While the rest of the tribe goes off to do the dishes, Brendan and Sierra stay behind to get the fire started. As soon as Sierra ascertains that they're alone, she's kind of annoyed with Brendan for not telling her about the Exile alliance, but says that Taj filled her in. Brendan fills her in on something else -- that he already has the idol. Brendan and Sierra now fully believe they're in the Final Four and there's no way to stop them. Pride goeth before the fall, guys. How many times have we seen people on this show talk about their foolproof plan to make it to the Final Four, only to see them leave before the merge? Sierra interviews that she's proud of herself for going from the first person voted out to a member of a powerful alliance. As if she had anything to do with that. As if any of them had anything to do with that, really. Brendan just happened to have been chosen to go to Exile and he just happened to choose Taj. Sierra's only move was to confide in Brendan that she had a clue to an immunity idol because she couldn't find it for herself. "We're really going to take over the whole world. That's right," she says with a giggle. Okay, she's still endearing.

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