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Probst turns to Joe and asks him if he thinks she has the idol. Joe says he doesn't know, and hasn't heard Taj say she doesn't have it. Taj offers to say that right now, but Joe says it's not necessary. Then he says that Taj not saying she doesn't have the idol makes him think she's being "aggressive" about hiding it or lying about it if she does have it. That makes no sense. Everyone who has spoken at Tribal this week has made little to no sense. Either the beans are making them crazy, or the editors were in a big hurry to finish this episode. Taj asks if Joe thinks she would tell him if she did have it. "It's just little things like that," Joe says. "I can't win," Taj says. I have no idea what game they're even playing. Finally, Joe says Taj hasn't slipped once, so he believes her. Even though he pretty much just said that he doesn't believe her and is even apparently waiting for her to slip and reveal that she has the idol after all. Then Probst points out that Taj still hasn't said that she doesn't have the idol, and Joe asks Taj to do so even though he turned her down before when she volunteered to do it. What is going on? Taj turns to Joe and says she doesn't have the idol. He claims he believes her. From this garbled mess, Probst somehow picks out that this game comes down to whether or not you believe what the people on your tribe tell you. Time to vote!

Spencer votes for Taj, saying it's probably either her or him. Taj votes for Spencer. We don't see who Sydney votes for, but she says "you played a hell of a game and I'm sorry it came down to this." Probst tallies the votes and returns with the urn. He asks if anyone wants to play her idol. Taj stays put while Stephen looks all shifty-eyed. The first vote is for Spencer. The second is for Taj. Spencer gets another vote and nods, pretty sure what's coming his way. Then he gets a third vote. Poor Spencer, but he did rally to vote Sandy out last week, so, whatever. Maybe if he'd taken Sydney out instead, Sandy would have been going home tonight instead of him. Spencer gets a fourth vote, and that's it for our youngest-ever contestant. At least he knows that it wasn't homophobia that got him voted out. He leaves, and Probst informs JalapeƱo that they're losing challenges, players, and momentum. But they don't have Douche on their tribe yet, so they're still up in my book.

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