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Immunity challenge time! The tribes arrive, and Brendan and Stephen return from Exile. Probst takes the idol back from Debbie and explains the challenge. Two members from each tribe will alternate launching a ball from a sling-shot-type device onto a playing field, where their teammates will try to catch the balls in their nets. Each ball caught is a point for the tribe, regardless of which tribe's ball is caught. Each catcher is paired up with a catcher from the other team, and the first tribe to catch five balls wins immunity. Stephen and Sydney are launching for Jalapeño, while Erinn and Debbie are doing the honors for Tempura. I can't believe Douche didn't find a way to be on the launching team. For the catchers, we have Brendan paired up with Taj, Joe with Douche, Spencer with Tyson, and Sierra with J.T. Um... what? Brendan and Taj? Sierra and J.T.? How is that even a good idea?

For the first launch, Tempura's ball is nearly caught by a diving Brendan, while J.T. gets a point for Jalapeño. Second round: J.T. gets another point, while Joe nearly gets a ball (way to guard, Douche), but ends up falling all over himself instead. He tries to make a case that he caught the ball, but Probst screams "in and out! In and out!" most likely thinking of a Friday night with J.T. again. Joe returns to his station with Douche and complains that he hurt his knee. Whatever, Joe. You and Douche can sit around and be ineffective and make excuses for it together. Third launch: Brendan gets an easy catch, while J.T. dives for his ball and misses, landing hard on the ground. Sierra runs around him nearby, completely unable to do any defense. Fourth launch: Taj goes through the motions of running after Brendan, then stops. He's able to get another point for Tempura, and the score is tied. J.T. yells at Taj to guard Brendan better, and she snaps back that she's doing her best. "Taj is wearing down!" Probst announces. Shut up, Probst. For the fifth launch, Probst cries out "both balls in the air!" Hee hee. Taj steps up her defense game and pulls on Brendan's shorts. He doesn't catch anything. J.T. gets a point, but holds his face on the way down. Spencer goes to see what's up, and Brendan tells Probst that J.T. lost a tooth. I have no idea how that happened -- perhaps he got hit by Sierra's net? Damn my lack of HDTV! Probst's reaction? "Aw." That looks like he was being sarcastic, but he actually wasn't. J.T. stands up and tosses the piece of tooth away, and Probst can't believe his badassosity. He stops the game to search for J.T.'s tooth, titling that he's going to want it. Oooh, Probst got the title line! That's rare. J.T. says it's only a piece of the tooth, not the whole thing, so it doesn't do much good to keep. It's called eBay and crazy Survivor fans, J.T. Wise up. Brendan somehow manages to find the tooth shard in the sand. Probst offers to hold onto it for safekeeping.

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