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Once J.T.'s mouth stops bleeding, Probst announces that this is the first time in the history of Survivor that a point was scored while losing a tooth. Okay, but he didn't even lose the entire tooth. In fact, I don't even see a chip missing. J.T. is still pretty badass, though. Launch six: Tyson suddenly comes alive and nearly catches a ball for Tempura. J.T. also manages to get another catch, giving Jalapeño four points to Tempura's two. Excellent. Tempura will lose, and Douche will be voted out at Tribal Council. Yes. Sydney is confident going into launch seven, but Spencer misses the ball while Tyson is open to get Tempura's. He does a stupid victory dance. Meanwhile, J.T. has caught all four of Jalapeño's balls, and hasn't done a victory dance once. Launch eight: Sierra manages to jump on J.T. and keep him from catching a ball, while Spencer runs up to get the winning point for Jalapeño. He's nowhere near the ball, unlike Tyson, who is unguarded and makes the catch, tying the score. Now J.T. is annoyed with Spencer, who says he has to "go forward to get in control." That doesn't make sense. Just play defense and keep him from catching the ball and let J.T. win the game for you. That's what Taj is doing, and Brendan hasn't caught a ball since. Joe and Douche, meanwhile, are probably just hanging out in the back keeping themselves amused with dirty knock-knock jokes. Joe and J.T. tell Spencer to stop Tyson from scoring again. Launch nine, and Erinn and Debbie are clearly aiming for Tyson again. Taj grabs Brendan into a bear hug, rendering him useless. Spencer, on the other hand, runs around in circles. Tyson catches the ball. Shit. Now J.T. will have to catch the other one to keep Jalapeño from losing. By the way, I saw a quick shot of Douche in the background, and he was wandering around while Joe was running up to actually play the game. J.T. gets the ball in his net, but it bounces out before he hits the ground. Tempura wins. J.T. is furious. He lost a tiny piece of tooth for nothing. He punches the water and throws his racket.

Probst gives Tempura the idol while Douche pumps his fist as if he had anything to do with that. While they walk away, Spencer looks pretty sad. Of course, Probst has to talk to J.T. following Jalapeño's loss, just like he did last week. He congratulates him for "almost single-handedly" winning the challenge for Jalapeño, which okay, yes, J.T. was amazing there. But he also had Sierra guarding him. Meanwhile Taj really stepped up, keeping Brendan from scoring quite a few points. And I'm sure Stephen and Sydney did a good job launching their balls in J.T.'s direction. This time, before sending them away, Probst actually has something for Jalapeño: J.T.'s tooth. The tribe leaves, and J.T., speaking a bit funny, says he did everything he could to win today, including breaking "the back half of [his] front tooth off." I'm not sure how that works exactly, but you really can't tell that any part of J.T.'s tooth is missing in the interview. He says "some people" weren't giving their all today. Namely, Spencer. See, Spencer? You can get voted out by J.T. for reasons other than homosexuality.

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