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And then we're going to Tribal Council. Probst opens things by asking Spencer how he felt about his performance today. Spencer admits he was "pretty pathetic" and he let his team down. Probst asks Taj if the team's bonds are starting to come apart after another loss. Taj says people are starting to feel the effect of losing and people (named Taj) are getting frustrated, but they all hope they'll tie things up again at the next challenge. She admits that she "blew up" upon their return to camp after losing the challenge. There's a lot of editing here, so whatever Taj was really trying to say never comes through. Something about things being "mismatched" and her being upset. Probst asks Joe how it felt to suddenly be attacked by Taj. Joe says it wasn't fun, especially since Taj's anger at him wasn't warranted. Probst asks Taj if she's worried that her outburst will cost her the game, and Taj says just about anything can do that in this game, so, whatever. Then she says something about how she felt like she was on her way out the door. Either Taj talks too much at Tribal Council and the editors were forced to cobble something together that fit the time restraints, or the editors decided that us knowing what people were saying today wasn't necessary. I think it's the latter, because most of this episode has been kind of off. Except for the part where Douche couldn't predict the weather. That was perfect. Taj says that she gives one hundred and ten percent at every challenge, so it was upsetting to think that she was still at risk to go home despite that.

Probst asks Spencer if he's felt that gut feeling that he could be going home. Spencer says yes, he's gotten the sense that his head could be on the chopping block. Was it the way J.T. basically told you he was voting you out, Spence? He says he returned to camp after performing badly in the challenge and being yelled at by J.T. for such let him know that he was at risk tonight. Basically, a lot of words just came out of Spencer's mouth but he didn't really say very much.

Probst asks Taj if being at Exile has benefited or detracted from her game. On one hand, she hasn't been around camp that much to piss people off. On the other, she hasn't been around that much to form bonds and build trust. Okay, editors. Keep making us think that Taj is going home tonight. Except that you also suddenly gave Spencer a personality this week and you pulled that "focus on the person who isn't being voted out at Tribal Council" thing last week with Sydney. I am not fooled. Taj says she has no choice but to be at Exile, so all she can do is fit in as well as possible when she gets back. She says she only started getting worried about being voted out this week, since the "expendable" players on the tribe are now gone and if her tribemates think she has the idol, then they'll be gunning for her.

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