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Federal Agent Question Mark

Probst asks Francesca how Redemption Island changes your game strategy, since people might return. Francesca says that it does make the game more complex, and uses the example of Rob getting voted out, "which he's not going to," and the possibility that he could come back. Note that she used Rob as an example since he was the last one discussed, and it seemed natural. It wasn't like, "She's only mentioning Rob because she's totally voting him out."

But then. THEN. Phillip interrupts as usual to say that he has to take issue with what Francesca just said. He then blabs that Kristina and Francesca asked him to vote for Rob. Francesca tries to talk over him and make him look crazy (NOT THAT HARD) by saying that she never asked him to, and she never asked Kristina to either. Both of which are true; Kristina did the asking, from what we saw. But in a really scary way, I think I understand what Phillip is saying here. He doesn't understand that Francesca was giving a hypothetical, so he thinks that they have changed their minds about their vote for Rob. He says something about not wanting to go down on a sinking ship, so I guess he thinks that they set him up? Meanwhile, Kristina hilariously mouths to Francesca that they should vote for Phillip. I don't blame her, but that's an example of what Rob was talking about; don't get squirrely with your vote. Stick to the plan. Anyway, Phillip concludes that his vote will be for "Fren-chess-qua." She says mildly, "Fran-chess-ka." Rob is CRACKING UP.

SO THEN! Kristina tries to do damage control and says that Phillip might be a little bit unstable, presumably trying to convince people to vote for him because he's a nut job? Like they didn't know that already? Phillip says that Kristina wanted him to vote with her and "Fran-fran-fran-chess-fran" And Francesca inserts, "Chess-ka." She has perfect fucking comic timing. Anyway, Phillip says that he was going to vote with them because Kristina has the Hidden Immunity Idol.


Yes, Phillip just told everyone that Kristina has the HII. Kristina is pissed. Francesca just puts her head down. Rob is cracking up. Probst is like, "HOT DAMN!" He asks Kristina if she has an idol, and she admits it. I think I would have pleaded the Fifth there. Maybe you could convince Rob it was all a bluff. Probst asks who knew about the HII, and obviously only Kristina, Francesca, and Phillip knew. And the voices in Phillip's head.

So then Rob just takes over like he's the host, and Probst loves him, so he lets it happen. Rob asks if the two women were planning on voting him out. Kristina says she wasn't and Phillip's like, "She was, Rob! She was!" Rob notes that Kristina hasn't explained what her plan really was, then. I think her plan should have been to shut up! She doesn't owe Rob any explanation. Francesca and Kristina both claim that they weren't going to vote for Rob; they just told Phillip they would (because...) but were really planning on voting for Natalie. That's a terrible lie. They should have said they told Phillip they were voting for Rob, but are really voting for Phillip. Then Phillip pipes up again, all sweaty and crazy, and says that he wasn't going to vote for Rob either; he was going to vote for "Fran-quest-ka." She repeats, "Fran-chess-ka" and Phillip says, "My mouth's dry and I'm getting treatment for it." WHAT? That is my excuse for everything from now on. Forgot someone's birthday? My mouth's dry and I'm getting treatment for it. Late for an appointment? My mouth's dry and I'm getting treatment for it. Killed a hobo? My mouth's dry and I'm getting treatment for it. Totally works.

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