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Federal Agent Question Mark

Probst tallies the votes and then asks if anyone wants to play the HII. Kristina probably assumes that, since everyone knows she has it, no one wasted a vote on her, so she doesn't play it. Wow. I kind of thought she might get voted out with the HII, which is just embarrassing. Probst reveals the votes: Kristina, Kristina, Francesca, Phillip, Francesca, Phillip, Kristina, Francesca. So there's a 3-3 tie between Kristina and Francesca, and the final vote is up, and it's for Frincesqua. So we all know that was Phillip. Probst puts out Francesca's torch, because he can't not do the dramatic thing, but then says that she'll be headed for Redemption Island and potentially have a chance to return to the game in the future. She reminds everyone not to trust Phillip as she leaves. Probst tells the remaining tribe members that there will be flint waiting for them back at camp. Kristina looks less than relieved at that news.

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