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Federal Agent Question Mark

A young contestant named Stephanie interviews that she wants Russell to notice her and see the evil in her eyes, and choose to take her to the finals. Because she feels that if he doesn't, she'll be quickly eliminated. So she's assuming Russell will go to the finals? She is dumb. She needs to get voted out first. Probst reminds everyone how awesome Rob and Russell are. Rob is great at challenges, and he's played three times and made it to the finals once, but never won. Russell made really strong alliances in back-to-back seasons, made it to the end twice, and didn't win. They don't mention that probably the only reason Russell made it so far in the second season was because the people playing hadn't seen his first season so they didn't know what to expect. Things may be different this time. We'll see. And if Russell is smart enough to change up his game plan as a result, I might grant him some grudging respect. But time will tell. First, he has to lose the doucheball hat.

Francesca, one of the contestants, notes that Rob and Russell are sizing them up like prey, and they are two of the most famous troublemakers in the show's history, so she's on guard. She's right, but she should have kept that observation to herself possibly. The guys choose buffs to find out who goes to which tribe. Russell is going to Zapatera and Rob is going to Ometepe. Rob's tribe cheers and hoots and hollers, and they welcome him with open arms. Russell's tribe is kind of like, "Yay?" except that one girl, Stephanie, who's trying REAL HARD to catch Russell's eye. So he can see the evil. That girl weighs a hundred pounds soaking wet. That's not much evil.

And then Probst drops the big bomb: when they are voted out at Tribal Council, they don't go home. They go to Redemption Island, where they will live alone, in the same style that the people at camp are living. And then when the next person is voted out, the two people square off in a duel. The winner stays, and the loser is out of the game for good. At some unspecified point, the person currently on Redemption Island will return to continue the game. That seems a little fishy; it seems like the producers will just wait until either Rob or Russell is on Redemption Island and then let them return. This is a good twist, I think, with a lot of opportunity for producer intervention. I wish they had introduced it in a season without Rob and Russell. We get an interview with Russell where he claims that Redemption Island doesn't scare him, and that if he goes, he'll beat anyone they send out and then return to the game and take some heads off. So he's learned...nothing? Because if he does get to return, he will probably need to kiss some ass, not kick it, if he wants to stick around.

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