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Federal Agent Question Mark

Over at Ometepe, Rob has taken charge of assembling the shelter. Well, I don't know how much he has taken charge and how much everyone else has put him in charge, as they all seem to be sort of standing around waiting for him to tell them what to do. One of the younger ladies even asks Rob to tell her how to do something (gather firewood maybe?) and he says that she knows what she's doing, but in a nice way. Her name is Natalie, and she is a professional dancer. Like a pole dancer? Or like a ballerina? Anyway, she doesn't seem super bright. But she's definitely in touch with her feelings.

Phillip, the Federal Agent Question Mark, starts bossing people around like he's Rob's partner in shelter assembly. Francesca tries to dig a hole but she's wearing these flimsy sandals so she's not having much luck. Phillip comes over and offers to do it, and Francesca says she doesn't mind. Phillip reveals the real reason he came over; he feels like Francesca is digging wrong. Rather than sit through a lecture on digging a hole, Francesca surrenders the shovel and rolls her eyes, and I don't blame her. She interviews that Phillip is annoying and aggressive, and that could turn people off. One of the younger ladies, Andrea, is hacking a limb apart with a hatchet, and has her foot right next to where she is chopping. I steeled myself on first viewing, waiting for television's first reality amputation, because that is a dumb maneuver. Phillip comes over and points out that she's doing it wrong (he loves to tell people when they're doing it wrong, doesn't he?), and she also kind of rolls her eyes. I think he was right, though. Andrea interviews that she grew up on a farm, and she knows how to use a hatchet. Yeah, but I'm betting when she was working on the farm, she wore shoes or some other form of foot protection.

Now all of the women on the tribe (and is this tribe heavily female or what?) are helping Phillip put together the roof, and he calls them all around him so that he can reveal some VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: he is a former Federal Agent. They all blink at him, waiting for the important information. Since he gets no reaction, Phillip starts babbling about how he's an expert at telling when people are lying, and also he has seven sisters, so he loves women. I think Phillip just watched a bunch of FOX television shows and picked and chose personality traits. He's Jack Bauer AND he's Tim Roth from Lie to Me. Francesca interviews that no one cared about Phillip's big revelation, but they did get some comic relief out of it.

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