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Federal Agent Question Mark

Probst awards the Immunity Idol to Russell and Zapatera, along with the flint. Russell makes a gesture to Rob like, "See what I got? Don't you wish that you had it?" Rob just looks worried and kind of disgusted. We've had VERY few interviews with Rob so far, no? For someone who usually loves to spew his big opinions about everything? I wonder what he's thinking. Anyway, Russell interviews that his tribe is stronger, faster, and smarter, and Rob must be worried.

Ometepe trudges back to camp after the challenge. Ashley (who?) interviews that she knows it's weird, but she feels like they let Rob down, since he's their leader and all. Rob would probably do well to pretend like he doesn't want to be the leader, since the leader usually gets picked off. Then again, since they all think he's the leader, most of them plan to do whatever he tells them to do.

Everyone goes for a swim to wash the stink of loser-dom off their bodies. Kristina and Francesca hang back, and Kristina reveals that she has the HII. Francesca is like, "Who? Why? How? What?" Kristina lays out her plan: she doesn't think they can trust the other women, so they should convince everyone to vote for Kristina, while Kristina, Francesca, and Phillip vote for Rob. Then Kristina will play the idol, and Rob will go home. I do think it's a good move; I don't know that I would play the idol that quickly. Especially since Rob wouldn't go home; he'd go to Redemption Island and potentially come back, more pissed off than ever. Anyway, Francesca is still like, " didn't have a clue? How did you find the HII?"

So Kristina is trying to make the conversation quick so no one else sees them conspiring, but then at some point she takes Francesca to see the HII in its hiding spot (right next to where she found it, so....not a great hiding spot.) Francesca interviews that she thinks it would be exciting to get rid of Rob, and it would feel good in the moment, but they also have to consider that he's a great competitor and they might need him for challenges. Francesca tries to be rational about it and tells Kristina that Natalie seems to be the weakest tribe member, and maybe they should vote her out. Francesca points out that if they pull off this bold move of ditching Rob, everyone will be pissed at them and probably seek retaliation, and right now they have the weak alliance of three, so they don't have the numbers to protect themselves. Kristina sees her point and asks for time to think it over, and then they hug because Kristina knows she's not going home tonight. So then I thought that Kristina was somehow going to get sent home. Because, sweet irony.

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