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The Last Temptation Of "Dreamz"

Back from commercials, we move to the location of the last immunity challenge. Yau Man gives the necklace to Jeff, and "Dreamz" mutters to him, "You'll get it back." Jeff says that this challenge will test your "threshold for pain" and some other stuff. Basically, you're lying against a board that's tilted down so that your head is up, and you're hanging onto a bar with your hands, which is how you keep from sliding down. Also, water will trickle down the board the entire time, which will (1) make it slippery; and (2) annoy you. When you let go, you'll slide down and fall into the water. The angle will get progressively steeper every five minutes. Last one holding on wins immunity and goes to final three -- and here is where Jeff explains that three of them will go up for votes in front of the jury. "Can't get bigger stakes than this," Jeff says.

We begin. Jeff points out that this challenge is "particularly interesting" for Yau Man and "Dreamz," since "Dreamz" is supposed to be giving immunity up to Yau Man if he wins it. Jeff increases the angle after five minutes. Cassandra soon looks uncomfortable. Earl scoots to the side so that the water isn't falling directly on him. Five minutes pass, and Jeff steepens the angle. At fifteen minutes, Jeff steepens it again, and Cassandra falls right off. "Dreamz" looks uncomfortable. Earl looks uncomfortable. At twenty minutes, Jeff changes the angle again. Earl drops. So now, it's Yau Man and "Dreamz." Of course, in theory, if Yau Man really thinks that "Dreamz" will go through with the deal, there's no reason for him to hang on. And if "Dreamz" intends to go through with the deal, there's no reason for him to hang on. And yet...there they both are. They both look very uncomfortable, but it's Yau Man who falls first, so "Dreamz" does indeed win immunity. And what a pickle we're in now, no?

Jeff puts the necklace around "Dreamz"'s neck. Jeff says that this is the fulfillment of part of the deal "Dreamz" made with Yau Man, which apparently (though this wasn't shown, Jeff has mentioned it repeatedly and "Dreamz" has sideways referred to it, so I suspect it happened) included "Dreamz" making his best effort to win immunity. Now, the other part is that he has to give the necklace to Yau Man. Will "Dreamz" keep his word? Well, we shall see.

After commercials, we find "Dreamz" hanging up the necklace at Bula Bula on Day 38. Cassandra approaches Yau Man and asks how he wants to vote. He says he wants to vote out "Dreamz." Elsewhere, Earl tells "Dreamz" that he's glad "Dreamz" got immunity. Earl explains in an interview that the decision "Dreamz" has to make here is even more difficult, since three are going to the jury, meaning that if "Dreamz" were to keep his immunity, he'd go directly to the quest for the money in front of the jury. I don't know that it makes that much difference, really. Either way, it's stay in or go home. Earl, Yau Man, and Cassandra talk about the fact that there's nothing requiring "Dreamz" to keep the deal, but Earl doesn't think there's going to be a problem. Cassandra fondly calls "Dreamz" a "good kid," and Yau Man somewhat ruefully notes that they're voting him out.

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