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The Last Temptation Of "Dreamz"

"Dreamz" comes over and joins them, and Yau Man says that if "Dreamz" decides not to give up the necklace, he'd at least like "Dreamz" not to vote for him. So for those who wondered why Yau Man didn't try to see if "Dreamz" would agree to vote out one of the other two, that's basically what he's doing. Although honestly, it wouldn't have worked, because it's not in either Earl or Cassandra's interests to save Yau Man's ass by voting for each other, any more than it's in "Dreamz"'s interests to pick someone else to vote out. For all three of these people, Yau Man is the person they most urgently need to vote out. Without the immunity necklace, there's nothing else Yau Man can do. There are no more votes for him to promise to help with. He'd be strictly asking to be taken directly to the jury, and there's absolutely no reason any of them would want to do that, rather than just getting rid of him. "Dreamz" is sort of noncommittal in the way he talks to Yau Man, and Earl nervously chuckles, "If you change your mind, could you not vote me too?" Yau Man, sitting next to the immunity necklace on its post, interviews that he thinks "Dreamz" is probably good to his word, but he's always considered "Dreamz" a "wild card." Yau Man reaches over and pats the necklace, saying, "I'm so close to getting it."

"Dreamz" expresses regret to Cassandra, talking about how hard he worked to get here, and he gave it up for a car. Earl tells "Dreamz" he'll "do the right thing." "Dreamz" says that if he thinks of his kid before he does it, he'll do the right thing. But, he says, "If I do the wrong thing, y'all better vote Yau together. Or one of y'all goin' home." So you know he's really only kind of going to do it, even here. "Dreamz" interviews that giving the necklace to Yau Man will eliminate him; he's sure. Back with Earl and Cassandra, "Dreamz" says he's "good with fourth." And then back to his interview, where, to me, the most significant things of this entire episode are said: "After the game, the benefit I get from giving away the immunity necklace is, uh, people knowing that I am really who I say I am. I am a person, I am noble, I am a truth-teller, I am...'Dreamz.'" Now, pause and appreciate what you just saw. This kid just told you -- he just told you -- that from his perspective, giving away the immunity necklace means one thing: "I am not full of shit." He said these words: "People knowing that I am really who I say I am." This is a guy who will go right out there and tell you his life story, and will tell you that even he considers his life story inspiring if he does say so himself, and he will name himself "Dreamz," for crying out loud. He will say things like "I am noble." Can you imagine a time in your life when you would have said, "I am noble"? On television? And meant it? He knows at some level that this all sounds hokey and like bullshit -- it's not like nobody ever smirks, and it's not like he doesn't see them. But he believes that he is about to reach a moment when he will prove, once and for all, that he is not full of shit when he does these things. He is Dreamz. He knows that in a way, if he didn't keep his word, it would mean he was just another guy playing the game -- not more noble, not more special, not more honest. Just another guy playing the game, looking out for number one, trying to cut a few throats and get what he can. No better than anybody else, no worse. But when he keeps his word, he and his kids and everybody who watches him on TV will know that he's special.

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