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The Last Temptation Of "Dreamz"

Here's the thing: "Dreamz" has two little kids and, from what I can see in his CBS bio, no visible way to support them. Of course he wants them to respect him and to learn to be honest. He also wants them to eat and have clothes, and if there's any chance that he could come into so much money that he could substantially change their lives? Asking him to walk away from that for something as abstract as his integrity is a pretty tall order. I don't really fault him for going back on the deal. What I fault him for is taking the deal in the first place, along with what I see as the hardest thing to understand, which is that he never offered to give the truck back. I would have understood, and I think the jury would have understood, if he had just said, "Yau Man, I have to undo this deal, I'm not going to take the truck [my understanding is that those prizes don't actually go to you until after the game] -- you keep the truck, and I'm going to keep playing the game." But he doesn't want to do that. He wants to keep both. He wants to get everything he deserves in the game, plus something that someone else won that he could easily give back and that he has no conceivable claim to anymore. But he wants both. He wants the money, he wants the shiny truck, and he doesn't want to give up anything, because he doesn't have to. He's keeping something he really isn't entitled to, just because he can, and this is the moment when he realizes that he really is just another guy, like all these other people, getting all he can and looking out for number one. He's not noble, he's not a truth-teller; he's just a guy who needs to take care of his family and will, in the end, pick the money over teaching the world a lesson. He's not bringing light to the world; he's just playing Survivor, same as everyone. The quotation marks around "Dreamz" belong there. He isn't different, and he isn't a folk hero; he's just a regular guy with a regular guy's set of priorities, and that knowledge is totally freaking him out.

In his final words, Yau Man says that he's sorry to see "Dreamz" didn't fulfill his end of the deal, and that he's kind of surprised Earl voted him out. Shouldn't be, buddy. He was happy to make it this far.

Dramatically, "Dreamz" places the immunity necklace on his seat as he leaves. DUN!

Bula Bula, Night 38. Now trying desperately to recover from the genuinely shattering experience of learning that he's not quite the person he thought/hoped/said he was -- a guy who transcends petty concern for money and is a "truth-teller" even in this crazy game -- "Dreamz" is coming up with another whole way of looking at the whole thing. He's sort of casually tossing off that he's sorry he broke his word, but after all, it's a game, right? "How you feeling, Earl? Big Earl? Now that you know?" "I'm good," Earl mutters. "That's right," "Dreamz" says. It's really pretty painful watching him reach, reach, reach for reassurance from these people he respects, wanting them to tell him that he's okay. "Dreamz" also starts immediately talking about how the jury's going to attack him. You think? Earl thinks the jury is going to hate him for turning on Yau Man and voting him out. In an interview, Earl says that "Dreamz" made the shocking decision to break his deal with Yau Man. "Dreamz" keeps up a constant monologue at camp about how he had to, he had to, otherwise he'd be on the jury, he had to, he had to. I had to; I'm still me, right? Earl interviews in the meantime that he found himself "pissed" about having to vote out Yau Man, considering that they trusted each other all along. He hopes that on the jury, Yau Man will still give Earl his vote.

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