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The Last Temptation Of "Dreamz"

For his part, Earl again climbs to Manifest Destiny Position (actually, I think this is old footage from a prior trip to MDP) and tells us that he's proud of the way he played. He says it was a good experience, and he's thrilled to have made it through as planned. He talks about how great it was to come here and be dirty and gross and "still be yourself." He says it's a chance to see what you're made of, and "see if you're really a man...or a wo-man." He calls it "the experience of a lifetime." Not that you should see the silhouetted figure of Earl, master of all he surveys, as any kind of foreshadowing. We revisit a pensive "Dreamz" and a wandering Cassandra. And then it's time for the final tribal council, and they all leave, a now-small fire burning in their wake.

GRAND MUSIC! (Sorry, I just felt like they worked so hard for it that I should acknowledge it.)

And now, the final three enter tribal council and are seated. Jeff brings in the complete jury. He welcomes everyone. Now, he explains, the power is all with the jury. Nine votes available. First, each person will make an "opening statement." Then each jury member can ask questions, then the final vote.

Earl's opening statement is first. He says he thinks he "played an honest and clean game," and he tried to "make the right moves" and be in the right place at the right time. He says he "didn't have to sacrifice a lot of integrity," which I kind of wish he hadn't said, but I think it's probably true that he fucked over a surprisingly small number of people and broke promises to a surprisingly small number of people. He says that he never got a vote and he never won individual immunity. He thinks this speaks to the "intelligent" game he played. He says rather than a "sympathy vote" or "underdog vote," he wants the "respect vote." Cassandra's opening statement is about how she tried to be nice to everyone and befriend everyone. She stayed with her alliance, and...uh, that's about all she has. And she wants everyone to stay friends. I think she's like the "Have a great summer!" vote. "Dreamz" starts by referencing his "life story." Sigh. He says people "know [his] heart," and he hopes their vote will help him and help his life. So...basically no argument as to why he should win, except that he would really, really like to have the money. I guess he's taking that "sympathy vote" business to heart.

After a set of commercials, it's time for the jury to ask questions. This, of course, is always the part where you learn a little about humanity.

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