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The Last Temptation Of "Dreamz"

Jeff explains that the jurors can address any or all of the final three with their questions, and we're going to start with Michelle. She happily chirps that she wants to know what the toughest hardship each of them faced was, because she thinks it's appropriate to "work pretty hard for a million bucks." Heh. She mentions sleeping in the dirt and not having food, so of course, "Dreamz" explains immediately that this was no big deal to him, because in case you haven't heard, he used to be homeless. Being thirsty, however, was very unpleasant. Because if you're homeless, which it turns out he was, you can always get a drink somewhere, but here, that wasn't the case. Also: homeless! Cassandra says her biggest obstacle was that she couldn't swim. Hmm. Is that a hardship? "Do you think your fear of water earns you a million dollars?" Michelle asks, as nicely as that question can probably be asked. Cassandra says, in one of the weirdest answers ever, that it's a combination of her fear of water and the fact that she formed an alliance. Wow. She is not very good at question-answering. Michelle grins extra-wide as she directs the question to Earl. Earl says that this is an easy one, because he was on original Ravu -- he's the only one who was. So he's the only one of these three who went through the original, actual, no-food no-water no-anything conditions that prevailed there. Plus, he spent all that time on Exile Island. I think he does have the edge on this question, which, come to think of it, his buddy Michelle just might have realized.

Edgardo is up next. He has one question for Earl. And you know what it is? "Earl, how did you find out who had the immunity idol from the other alliance?" Ooooh, an actual substantive question. Earl pauses, and then he half-shrugs and says, "Dreamz." Edgardo nods and sits down. That's actually a shockingly good jury question, even though it focuses on Edgardo's inability to get over old grievances. Even though he probably knew the answer already, this is arguably addressing information he might truly use to decide whom to vote for. I hardly know what to say.

And now, Mookie, who starts off by congratulating the final three on getting so far. And then, although he's already been stepped on by Edgardo, Mookie says, "Dreamz, did you tell anyone about the immunity idol that I found?" "Yes," says "Dreamz" simply. Mookie asks if "Dreamz" would consider that a betrayal. "Dreamz" says no; he'd consider it "lying." Huh. The two go back and forth about whether it is or isn't a "betrayal" when you tell your alliance's big secret. See, to me, "Dreamz" should have responded here by saying it's playing a game as they all were playing a game. But no, they have to go back and forth about the difference between "betrayal" and "a con." That doesn't substantive, really. And then Mookie adds, "Word of advice for you guys: tonight is not the time to lie, and tonight is not the time to get caught up on a lie." Because if you do, Mookie will stuff you in a locker. NERD!

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