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The Last Temptation Of "Dreamz"

At any rate, Yau Man now asks Earl why Earl didn't bring him along farther in the game by not voting him out at F4. Earl's answer? "The reason I would not want to go against you? Because I would not win," Earl says. Yau Man smiles, happy that he got a straightforward, honest answer (which I think it completely was) that acknowledges what a good game he played. Which he did. Earl adds, "You played the best game by far." I think that's probably also, all in all, true.

And finally, we are done with the damn jury questions. Now, Jeff will give them a minute to think before voting. I, personally, would like to sit and think about how much I'd like to see Alex and Lisi stung by wasps.

When we return, we watch. Tonight, the jury writes down the name of the winner. Rocky votes. Lisi. Michelle. Edgardo. Yau Man. Mookie. Alex. Stacy. Boo. You might have noticed that you did not see any votes. You might also have noticed that you now know what happened with the votes, provided you watch this show. Jeff brings back the votes and congratulates everyone, telling them that they'll have to wait until we all meet again back in the U.S. to find out who won. And then Jeff walks off. Everyone looks around. Jeff walks. Down some stairs, blah blah, and then...

Crowd cheering! New York City! Audience! Jeff entering as the final three and the jury sit on the stage! The final three all look good, although my Music Stylist felt outright betrayed that Earl got the gap in his teeth fixed, and is therefore no longer in The Club. Let's read some votes. Earl. Earl. Earl. Earl. Earl. Earl wins! Okay, so that wasn't very suspenseful. They always read you as many votes as they can while keeping it even, and they didn't read any. Not any! As Earl happily runs down into the audience to greet his family, Jeff tells us that indeed, Earl pulled down every single vote -- a Survivor first. The rest of the contestants emerge behind him, and everyone hugs the winner. Everyone loves a winner. Even, in this case, me.

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