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The Last Temptation Of "Dreamz"

Ready? Go! Boo is the first to hit a key station -- and I do mean hit -- and he drops his key. Yau Man does the same, then "Dreamz." Yau Man gets the drawbridge down first. Earl gets his key. Yau Man lowers and crosses his drawbridge. "Dreamz" falls in the water. Boo falls in the water as well. "Dreamz" gets his first bridge down. Look, this could take a long time to recap. Here are the highlights: Yau Man, Boo, and "Dreamz" take over the challenge. Earl is way behind, and Cassandra is essentially not on the course. I'm not sure how that happened. She is really embarrassing herself, though. When you can't find the course, you're maybe not performing up to your potential. Or maybe you are, which I guess is worse. My mother's favorite part of this challenge is that after a while, they really crank up the sound effects every time anybody runs into anything, usually with their sternum or belly, depending on height. Seriously, the editors worked overtime on this one adding "BONK!" effects. Not so much the hilarious "boink" effects that are usually used, but allegedly tense collisions that you are meant to take very seriously. They are somber bonks, you might say. Yau Man has the lead for the majority of the challenge, and guess what -- Yau Man wins. Yes, we are going in the direction of a very, very interesting situation, aren't we? Yau Man, obviously, is very happy about having won. "Dreamz" is not so happy about Yau Man having won. Nobody is happier about this outcome than the producers, who have been throwing pennies into the water and making wishes ever since "Dreamz" took the truck. Boo congratulates Yau Man immediately, and Jeff puts the necklace around Yau Man's neck. Tonight, Yau Man is safe, and nobody else is.

After commercials, we are back at Bula Bula on Day 37. Walking back to camp, Yau Man is beaming. He feels like his situation is slick, because he has immunity, Earl has the other idol, and he's got this deal with "Dreamz" that should be a very effective way of putting him into F3. "This was a very important win for me," Yau Man says. He takes a little walk with Cassandra and tells her that he'd like to try to get Boo out. Left with few options lest the axe move in her direction, Cassandra says that's fine with her. And now, Yau Man does a very hazardous thing by approaching Boo and making it pretty clear that his number is up. Boo interviews that he knew he was in big trouble when Yau Man won that immunity challenge. He says that "the writing on the wall" basically said, "Boo, good game, it's time for you to go." Heh. I think he's right there. Boo's beard is really taking on a life of its own. He's going to have to start using a carpet steamer on that sucker pretty soon.

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