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The Last Temptation Of "Dreamz"

Now, Boo has a little chat with Yau Man, in which he says that there's likely to be one more challenge. Does Yau Man really think it's smart to bring "Dreamz"? Of course, Yau Man has the existing agreement with "Dreamz," which messes up the math for him a bit. Likelihood of "Dreamz" winning immunity minus likelihood of "Dreamz" going back on his word, compared to likelihood of Boo not winning immunity, yada yada. Boo warns Yau Man of the possibility of "Dreamz" winning the vote, and Yau Man concurs: "Sympathy vote." Notably, nobody thinks anyone is going to vote for "Dreamz" based on anything but pity. Boo tells Yau Man that Yau Man will win against anybody -- except "Dreamz." Boo says they can deal -- he'd take second place over fifth. So now, he's suggesting he'd go to the end with Yau Man. I have to say, Boo is putting up a decent fight for a guy who looked stone dead a few minutes ago. Yau Man admits in an interview that Boo's proposal sounds "enticing." But he says that in order to switch the vote to "Dreamz," Yau Man needs another vote. He goes to talk to Earl, who congratulates him on the immunity win. Yau Man asks Earl whether he thinks "Dreamz" will keep the deal he made. "Mm-hmm," Earl says. Yau Man considers this, then says to Earl that otherwise, they should really take him out now. The two men sit and think, facing, I think, one of their tougher decisions of the season. I mean, in all likelihood, either Boo or "Dreamz" poses an immunity threat. Only one of them poses an F2 threat (as they read the situation). The problem is that one of them is firmly aligned with Earl, and the other one could be aligned with either of them, as far as F4 goes. It's really the first time Earl and Yau Man's interests have diverged in a way they had to deal with -- they diverged when Earl wouldn't take Stacy instead of "Dreamz" to F4 a week or two ago, but that kind of didn't have to be dealt with, as it turned out. This, on the other hand, does. So it appears that the only thing they can agree on is...well, we'll see. Boo tells us that he did the best he could to position himself, and all he can do now is hope for the best.

Tribal council. Everyone is seated. The jury enters. Jeff asks "Dreamz" whether at this stage, he's more concerned about a person who's a physical threat or a person who might not be trustworthy. "Dreamz" says he's more concerned with people who won't keep their word. "Anybody can win a challenge," after all. "Dreamz" says that sometimes you have to go with your gut, because words are easy to say. Agreed! Words like "I promise to God," for instance. Jeff asks Earl whether there's any loyalty left, or whether it's just about who you can beat. Earl says that while you have close friends in the game, there's always part of you thinking about whom you could beat. He says it requires "careful thinking." Jeff asks Boo about the time after the challenge today, and whether people were "scrambling." Boo says pretty much just him (heh), because he thinks that "Dreamz" is a real threat going forward, because he's "popular" and will get a "sympathy vote." "Dreamz" jumps in here, talking about how it's not about "popular," and he hasn't been telling his life story because he wants sympathy from anyone. You can tell that he goes on and on about his life story, too, because...he kind of admits that he does. He's pretty defensive about it, immediately explaining why he tells everyone everything about his whole life. "Dreamz" says that he tells his story because he wants to show how far people can go. I have to say, I would probably see a person who viewed his own life story that way very trying. Boo clarifies that he wasn't accusing "Dreamz" of seeking sympathy; he was just saying he might get it. And honestly, if you're going to go on about how you're the only who doesn't have a car, blah blah blah, then you are, in a way, seeking sympathy. When you throw your name in for Queen For A Day, you can't spit on the crown, is what I'm saying.

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