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The Last Temptation Of "Dreamz"

Jeff asks "Dreamz" whether it makes him nervous to be classified, along with Yau Man, as a bad person to take to the finals, since Yau Man is immune. "Dreamz" says that he's part of Yau Man's F4 strategy, so he should be safe until then. Jeff points out that "Dreamz" sounds like he's telling Yau Man to keep him until F4, because that's when the favor is owed. It's fairly clear that this isn't actually what "Dreamz" is trying to say, but when Jeff lays it out for him, "Dreamz" is like, "Or else he did that all in vain!" Right, right. Boo says he still thinks getting rid of "Dreamz" would be better; "Dreamz" insists that Boo would keep winning challenges and would never be dumb enough to take Yau Man to the end. Boo says Yau Man can decide that for himself. Boo says that while he doesn't have enemies on the jury, he doesn't have friends, either. He argues that either "Dreamz" or Yau Man would win "by a landslide." Thus: take Boo. Earl flicks his eyes dreamily in Jeff's direction again. I imagine what it would be like to play Battleship with Earl, just so he could flick those eyes at me and then say, "Hit." Or, of course, "miss," though that would totally not happen.

Time for voting. If anyone has a hidden idol, this would be the time -- the last time -- to play it, once the voting is over. "Dreamz" votes for Boo, with two frowny-faces in the Os. Cassandra votes. Boo votes for Dreamz, spelling it with a Z, which is so gross, because it means that at some point, "Dreamz" told them, "Hey, remember: that's with a Z." Ick. Yau Man votes. Earl votes.

Jeff returns. Does anyone want to play an idol? Earl does. No surprise there, since he might as well. First vote is for Boo. Then "Dreamz." Then Boo and Boo, so Boo is done. Boo gives love all around. ["Back at you, Boo!" -- Joe R] And then he goes to get snuffed. He does this weird football move, running out of tribal council and down the stairs. I have a feeling that there are often sporting events taking place in Boo's head to which the rest of us are not invited. Jeff congratulates the final four on making it this far. Two days left. Time to head back to camp and sleep. Because what's to come just might be a trifle challenging.

In Boo's final words, he basically goes on about how much he loves Yau Man and how hard Yau Man is going to be to beat. Boo chuckles at how crazy it will be if "Dreamz" wins immunity and then doesn't keep his word -- but Boo is pretty confident he'll keep his word. Oh, and why wouldn't you be?

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