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The Last Temptation Of "Dreamz"

Rocky. "Hey, there, Rocky boy, Mr. Boston," Earl says as he retrieves Rocky's torch. Rocky tells us that he's too much of a "straight shooter" for this game, and then we see him in his pink bikini top as he says you "can't show anybody nothing." The editors always really, really know what they're doing with this segment, which often saves it from total insufferability.

Lisi. She says she didn't have "the ability to stick it out," and we watch her go ka-fwump! on the ground, landing on her face during a challenge. I'm pretty sure that one of my friends actually predicted that moment had to be her moment during the MoDS as soon as it happened, but I can't remember now who it was. Too many sarcastic peeps who love to watch people fall down to possibly keep track. ["It wasn't me, if that helps any." -- Joe R] I do still go with the EEFP who pointed out that she was the first person to be injured during a mental challenge. Climbing, paddling, balancing...and Lisi was injured carrying out the instruction, "Go over there."

"Michelle, ma belle," Earl says fondly. "I think the hardest part for me was really pushing my body to limits I didn't know it could go to," she says as we watch her fall from the tower. You know, an awful lot of this montage is made up of people falling down. I knew there was a reason it gradually got better.

My favorite moment is "Dreamz" saying, "Edgardo. I bet you never seen it coming." Ha! I don't know that I've ever seen anyone basically be like, "Ah, [Name]. Really screwed your ass, didn't I?" Edgardo comments that "Dreamz" "messed [him] up." He is still royally pissed, you can tell. Nooooot over it.

Mookie says the game is about alliances. I'll say.

"Alex, my brother for life," "Dreamz" says. We'll see about that, kid. Alex says that he didn't need to win to know how great he is. Somehow, I'm not surprised that he has this outlook. I bet he won't be that articulate again until his arraignment.

"Stacy," Yau Man says, "I know you learned a lot about yourself, and learn a lot about life." Stacy says she learned she's adaptable and resilient. And she knows how to operate a French press, asshole.

And Boo. Who, of course, talks about how great it was to play, as the music swells and we watch the hammock collapse, dropping him to the ground. He's "unbelievably thankful." Probably not for the hammock, though.

All the torches are placed on a (hopefully broken-down) canoe that is set ablaze. Because you know what we do with losers? We burn them. That's right. We burn them.

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