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False Teeth and False Hope

Anyway, Dawn keeps repeating that she's going to pull herself from the game if she can't find them, and she doesn't want anyone else to know that she has false teeth? I hate to make fun of her because it's clearly so important to her, but who gives a shit? I can ALMOST understand not wanting to appear on camera looking like Old Granny Gums, but who cares if the others know? Anyway, Brenda totally finds them and Dawn is happy again. Brenda interviews that it really solidified her bond with Dawn. Keep that in mind, I'm guessing. Since they've barely shown Brenda this season, I'm guessing that this incident will be important later in the season.

Reward Challenge. They are divided into two teams of five. Each person has to race through obstacle and search for a bag of balls in a muddy pit, then crawl through rice and hit the finish line. Once all five bags are retrieved, the team has to work to get all the balls into a basket. This is a repeat of a challenge we saw last season; I remember Penner doing it. The winners get to go to a resort with a pool and have a nice lunch.

The teams are Reynold, Erik, Dawn, Cochran, and Phillip versus Eddie, Malcolm, Sherri, Andrea, and Brenda. At least that's a little more balanced than last weeks' teams. Malcolm and Erik are the first to go out for their respective teams. Erik finds one bag in the mud pit and moves on. Malcolm follows the Penner strategy and tries to find all of the bags for his teammates. This means that Erik finishes first. Reynold heads out for his team next, and he finds the rest of the bags for his team, except he finds them all, like, immediately. So his team has all of the bags uncovered AND he's done with the course. That means Malcolm's team is one full person behind, and then Sherri totally sucks at challenges as usual and they fall even further behind.

So Erik and Reynold's team finishes and starts tossing balls in the basket while their opponents have two more people to go, Brenda and Eddie (the popular steadies and the King and the Queen of the prom). I can't believe it just occurred to me to make that joke. Anyway, the Erik/Reynold team finishes before the other team even gets all their bags untied. It wasn't even close.

The winning team arrives at the resort and they head straight for the food. They came straight from the challenge, so they are all muddy, and there's an outdoor shower right next to the pool. Dawn lathers up, and then Phillip just hops in the pool and a giant cloud of mud appears around him. Erik interviews that Phillip is a garbage person, because who does that? It's really gross. It looks like he hopped in the pool and then had diarrhea. I'm sorry.

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