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Who Shot Papa Luthor?

In the car. Clark thinks the bartender's lying. He thinks the guy spiked Bo's drink. You think he raised the Roofie? Pete gets pissy at Clark for once. He says he's down with Clark, but putting a bartender through the spin cycle isn't the most intelligent thing to do right now. Clark says he's sorry. Suddenly, an eighteen-wheeler is approaching on the road. It's in their lane. Clark tells Pete to look out. They swerve. The truck goes off the road and flies! We get an under-the-car view in slow motion of the car sailing through the air. It's the General Lee! The car lands with a hard crash onto dirt. Clark and Pete are seatbelted, so there's no harm done. The rig stops in the middle of the road. A guy in fatigues and a black ski mask gets out of the eighteen-wheeler and aims a sniper rifle at the car. We follow the bullet in CGI-motion. It strikes the fuel tank and the car explodes. In quick motion, Clark kicks out the door, grabs Pete, leads him out, and dry-humps on top of him. There's fire all around them. Clark doesn't completely cover Pete, so wouldn't he at least get a tiny burn? Wouldn't their clothes be incinerated? The car is quickly substituted for an old, wrecked car in the next shot. Pete and Clark get up, unharmed. Pete states the obvious: He says that Clark must have ticked somebody off. Commercials

Shirtless Pete is at the hospital, getting examined by a doctor who's not Lex's girlfriend. Pete looks back, and Clark is watching him through the blinds. Is that legal? Lex comes up and tells Clark he heard they had a narrow escape. "What do you care?" Clark asks. Lex says it could be connected to the shooting. He says he told Clark to stay out of it. Clark asks if it's so that Lex can control the situation. Ohhhh. Clark is submissive. Lex says he's not controlling anything. Clark says he doesn't know what to believe. "Dominic must have made quite an impression," Lex says. Jealous? Clark says this has nothing to do with Dominic. Or Alfonz. Or Tony. Or Nadine, the cross-dresser. Lex says that Dominic asked the hospital staff to keep Lex away from his dad. "Why do you think that is?" Lex asks. Lex says that if his dad wakes up, he'll be able to identify who shot him. Clark asks why Dominic would turn against Papa Luthor.

We sepia-flash to Dominic meeting with Papa Luthor -- the part where Papa Luthor is chewing out Lex and calling him just another employee. Lex says he's going to Metropolis, and when he comes back, he wants Papa Luthor gone. Lex goes out into the hall. He comes back as Dominic and Papa Luthor are arguing. Dominic is mad that Lex is being given another chance. Papa Luthor said he gave Lex a taste of independence to give him a taste of the futility of working against Papa Luthor. Evil! Papa Luthor says he always intended to bring Lex back into the fold. Dominic is mad. He says that promises were made. Papa Luthor says that Dominic has been loyal. But Lex is blood. Dominic says he's worked too long to have everything taken from him. He sees Lex. "I forgot my keys," Lex says.

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